About The Faces

Let’s take a look at the fellows who make up the Faces in the banner above!

First up, we have Walter Frost of Star Trek Online.  A Starfleet Tactical Captain flying an Odyssey-class tactical cruiser called the U.S.S Frontiersman, he’s a strategist and intelligence expert (his specializations say so!) who prefers exploring the final frontier over getting drawn into constant wars.  But the setting of STO is a dangerous time, where ancient forces are manipulating events to bring about a conflict unlike any other in the history of the Federation, and he’s in a position to be a pivotal player in the events that will shape the galaxy to come!

Next, we get Coreth Walker of EVE Online.  This character is sort of a jack-of-all-trades, although his skills have focused more on exploration, mining, and scouting.  While he can mine with the best of them in a Hulk mining barge, his pride and joy (at least when he was active) was an Orca industrial command ship, where he and his fellow pilots would fleet up and mine away asteroid belts in hi-sec.  Later on he’d put some time into exploring deadspace pockets and go wormhole diving, just to see where he’d wind up. Nowadays, he tends to just sit in dock and fiddle with refining blueprints.

Coming up next is Tom Riley, the Old Ranger of City of Heroes.  An Archery/Devices Blaster on the Virtue server, the Ranger was a former Army Ranger who had been experimented upon by the alien Rikti; it led him to Paragon City, where he became what the public called a super-hero, a member of the Justiciars, and later a member of the Union Supreme.  Later on, he would attain Incarnate levels to allow him to fight against the Praetorians of an alternate Earth, as well as stand against the rise of a dead god.

Centering things up is Coreth the Warrior from World of Warcraft.  Coreth spent a great deal of time in his career as an Arms spec Warrior on the Khaz’goroth server, but as he started getting to the higher levels, he got swapped over to a Protection spec so that he could main-tank for his guild on raids (although he never got past Zul’Gurub before the aforementioned guild fell apart due to drama).  It’s been a very, VERY long time since he’s seen use, but the character still exists and could one day tread the lands of Azeroth once more (greatly changed, probably, thanks to all of the changes that have hit WoW over the years).

Next is my online namesake, Coreth Landwalker of Star Wars Galaxies.  Despite the hated New Game Enhancements that forced him to become first an Officer, then a Jedi (in keeping with his own story), he has always at heart been the Master Ranger on the Corbantis server, and a 9-Ace pilot, finally settling on the neutral tree so he could continue to fly his custom YT-1300 starship with the faulty airlocks, Distant Horizons.  He had a small home set up in the player city of Horizon on Corellia (a city that he helped found), a bunker set up on the world of Lok near Mount Chaolt, and a large hunting lodge on Rori on a lonely mesa near the player city of Filius Gladii.

Next on the list:  Far Ranger, the Tom Riley of the Champions Online setting.  An ex-Army, ex-PRIMUS operative, he was given high-tech tools and weapons as a part of a secret initiative of a rogue faction within PRIMUS to act as a “super hero” to meddle in affairs that PRIMUS usually doesn’t have the standing to meddle in (which is to say, activity outside of the United States).  While that faction and initiative crumbled, the Ranger continues to operate as a hero-for real, now-using primarily powers from the Archery powerset.

Finally, last but not least, we have Coreth from Star Wars: The Old Republic.  A smuggler, a rogue, a thief and a liar with a fast wit and an equally fast ship (when it hasn’t been stolen), he’s managed to avoid becoming a hardened criminal and more an adventurer looking for ways to keep his life exciting (and make a heap of credits doing so).  A Sharpshooting Gunslinger, he has no trouble finding trouble (or being found by trouble, which amounts to the same thing), and frequently finds himself caught up in events of galactic importance.