Special Feature

For players of Star Trek Online, a rare opportunity has opened up.  I figure if it hasn’t shown up in over a year, it count as being a “rare opportunity”.

I am not Slamek.

I Thot I would be a good officer.

Back in the day, when the game was still young, Feature Episodes were a thing.  And I don’t mean just “it’s a new episode”; it was a series of episodes, four in all, released in fairly rapid succession.  The conceit was that they could be looked at like an actual new weekly episode for Star Trek-and they backed it up by releasing them weekly.  At the end of each were limited time special rewards.  The episodes were eventually folded into the main game, but the special rewards at the end of the final episode on each were not.  They were brought out for special occasions.

Like now.  Going on until the 25th, you too can get your characters equipped with the rewards from these original Featured Episodes!  With two weeks to get them all, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them for all of your characters (or at least the ones you want to have the goodies).  Caveat:  you DO have to be of the appropriate level, so your brand new character is going to have to level a bit to get them all.

Let’s take a quick peek at just what one can get.  Getting these rewards don’t require you to do the full series of each one; you only need to do the final episode of those arcs.  In the order in which these episodes were originally released:

  1. Cold War, aka the Breen arc:  this was the very first Feature Episdode arc released for STO, even though it’s now listed as a late game arc (well, relatively late, anyway).  The final mission in this arc is “Cold Storage”, and it’s big reward is a special bridge office:  a Breen tactical officer.  For some reason, I seem to remember this guy actually being awarded at the time at the end of the episode “Cold Comfort”, but it was a long time ago.  The officer is not customizable, but it’s currently the only way to get a Breen officer, so if you’re looking to include one of these guys on the crew, by all means, run the episode.
  2. Specters, aka the Devidian arc:  specifically, the mission “Night of the Comet”.  Completing this mission rewards a special device called the Ophidian Cane.  The Cane has a number of neat traits to it.  First, it is an area effect ability that hits enemies around you, and stuns them in a short levitation.  Next, and more importantly, it drains them of some health-and transfers it to you.  It’s a nice “Oh crap!” sort of ability when you find you need some more health and some time when NOT being blasted.  It’s definitely worth the effort to get a hold of.
  3. Cloaked Intentions, aka the Romulan arc:  specifically, “Cutting the Cord”…or maybe it’s the epilogue “Darkness Before the Dawn”.  You can’t replay that one alone, I don’t think.  The big feature on this one is acquisition of a Reman science bridge officer.  That may not seem like such a big deal these days, thanks to the coming of the Romulan Republic and the ability to get those officers at New Romulus, but back in the day, that was a pretty big deal.  Unlike most such officers, this one is not customizable, but he’s got the telepathic attack ability, so he’s not necessarily a bad officer to grab for your crew.
  4. The 2800, aka the Dominion arc:  specifically, “Boldly they Rode”.  The grand prize on this arc is the Shard of Possibilities, which is a really handy device.  It’s got a confusion effect when used, but that’s not the great part.  The great part is that it summons a pair of copies of yourself!  Now, before one gets too excited, they aren’t the same level as you are, and they aren’t using the same gear as you are; Klingons use disruptors, Starfleeters use phasers, and Romulans use whatever their factional allies use.  That said, they ARE fully functioning allies, which means they’ll shoot bad guys and take damage.  This is especially handy if you need more meat shields or damage output, and goes great with tactical officer’s ability to bring down security teams, or engineering officer’s multiple fabrications.  I’d go so far as to say that if you do just one of these features, do this one.

In previous Feature Replay weekends, there was also an opportunity to pick up free Lobi, 1 per episode per account (sorry altoholics-you couldn’t run fifty characters and rack ’em up that way).  However, that does not seem to be the case in this event.  More’s the pity; I keep looking at some of the Lobi uniforms, but can’t bring myself to spend the kind of real-life cash to open lockboxes to get enough Lobi to purchase the items, and I don’t have anywhere near enough energy credits to pick them off the Exchange.  That’s one of the dangers of bouncing from game to game.

All that said, it’s still a good time to grab these rewards; I plan to grab them for Dathiro and Rick (from my Agent of Yesterday chronicle), as well as…well, just about any other character I feel like abusing myself with.  I have a LOT of alts….  Take advantage while you can!


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