DO: Time for Freedom!

I could get used to this ship.

Entry Eighty-Five

I don’t have to technically do this anymore, because I’ve kicked off every stinking Klingon from my new ship.  Well, at least the ones that are all about “honor” and “glory”.

That’s right.  No more Imperial Intelligence on my back.  No more annoyances by that arrogant ship-master at Qo’noS.  I’m free at last, thanks to the sale of the Varon-T disruptor, and a bit of fortune involving time travel.  I’ve taken command of a Vorgon Ryn’kodan carrier along with a selection of the more trusted members of my crew, and have sent my most sincere “regrets” about abandoning the Klingons.  It’s a glory day for me!

But…I’m still worried about my future.  The time travel mess indicated that I’d be “important to the Klingon Empire”, which means that even though I’ve cut my ties…I’m still somehow linked to them.  Is there no way to avoid this?  Then again, who knows?  Maybe the Klingons will respect me more if I don’t require their goads anymore.

This is something I’ll have to think more about.  First, though, I’m going to buzz the shipyard and send my “thanks” to the ship-master for all he’s done to me.  Then I’m going to take a long drought of the bloodwine I have in my cabin that won’t be decanted for another 400 years.

Signing off.

The Sphere Builders have nice cities. Shame we’re going to blow it up.

Well, as the fiction above indicates, Dathiro has finally slipped loose of the Klingons in a manner of speaking in Star Trek Online.  His bridge crew/away team no longer contains any Klingons (although certain bridge officers remain on the roster because I can’t actually get rid of them), and he’s flying that shiny new Tier 6 Vorgon carrier that I picked up last Summer.  I said I had plans for it, didn’t I?

And it tied in neatly to the Foundry missions I used to get there:  the Temporal Warrior arc, a three-mission arc by Captain_Revo, which brought Dathiro in contact with the Department of Temporal Investigations (from the future Federation, naturally), the Suliban of the Cabal, and the Na’kuhl-not to mention the Sphere Builders.  I get the impression that these missions were designed before the Temporal Front arc in the game, based on the details.  This is a great alternative to the episodic missions, though, and give me a chance to have a more unique leveling path than, say, Rick Masters had in his Agents of Yesterday path.  And hey-when time travel is involved, paradoxes are just standard operating procedure.  But let’s get down to some comments on those missions.

The first mission is “The Fire in Which We Burn”, which features an apparent attack on a Klingon outpost by Starfleet.  No big deal there, but in the aftermath, the Klingons there seemed somewhat unenthused by your continued presence.  A little searching and poking noses where they don’t belong reveals time travelers, apparently directed by a shadowy figure-and a member of Starfleet’s Department of Temporal Investigation.  This detail leads you into a conflict that not only threatens the galaxy, but time itself!  The second mission is “Future Shock”, in which you are sent off to serve as security for a Klingon Ambassador for peace talks, thanks to the cooling of open warfare caused by the involvement of the Romulan Republic.  A Tholian attack trashes the station where the conference is being held-and worse still, it seems that the Tholians are engaging in all-out war to destroy the Empire completely.  Fortunately, aid comes in the form of a time-ship who knows of your involvement in the previous mission-which sort of helped form up the alliance of powers that have manipulated events to destroy the Klingon Empire.  Only by going into the future and into the past can you reverse the tide and defeat the manipulations of the Sphere Builders.  Finally, in “Tempus Fugit”, you’ve annoyed the Sphere Builders enough that they’re coming after you, personally.  Allies from the past return, and not content with simple escape from the trap, you will take the war to the Builders in their own space, and put an end to the Temporal War.

I enjoyed the missions; while there were some minor issues involving spelling errors, the story held up pretty decently.  There’s conflict, I’m pretty sure, between certain elements of this arc and related elements of the Temporal Front missions in the game, but like I said:  time paradoxes are just a way of life when you deal with time travel.  Both can be equally true.  Thanks to these missions, plus judicious use of duty officer missions, plus the daily holiday race, I’ve gotten Dathiro to level 45, and not too far from the good PvE queues.  We’ll see what happens when he gets there.  But so far, the choice to run missions through the Foundry has proven to go pretty well.  It’ll be interesting to see how that holds up when I get to the slog between levels 50-60.


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