WF: It’s Hotter Under the Water

Synopsis:  Assault on Arvad’s Palace!  A rebellion in Lemuria reaches fever pitch, and Willforge is right in the middle of it.  Can Willforge help set things right?  Can he survive the undersea fury unleashed by Khusor the Crooked?  MEANWHILE:  Guess who didn’t stay in jail very long?  A threat thought contained is ready to hunt Willforge once more….

Got Willforge to level 36 in Champions Online, and is nearing the final push to 40.  It’ll be interesting to see if I get to “Issue 25” in the covers….  I’d expect so, but one never knows.

I picked up an “Ultimate Power” for Willforge; these tend to be the high-level powers, and are usually tied to the primary power sets used by a character (but not necessarily-freeform is freeform, after all.  But it tends to work out that way).  Specifically, I grabbed Mind Link, which is a sort of area of effect attack centered on the character, which…well, I’m still a little uncertain as to how it works.  In theory, it does damage being done to and by everyone to the enemies in range.  In practice…well, I’m not horribly impressed-it has a high cost to use, and seems to rely upon others doing damage while active for it to work.  This is often not an issue:  even if you aren’t on a team, opponents are always happy to damage you.  But the amount of damage being done back in return seems underwhelming.  It may take some time for me to figure how to use this-it seems like it would be best in team situations, but…I don’t know.  It just seems like it’s ultimate in name only (or perhaps only technically, as it is effectively the “last” power available in the power set.

I also, as one may have guessed from the synopsis above, managed to run the “Prison Break” mission, the kick off of the second part of the great Nemesis chain.  Prison Break is…well, sort of problematic.  It often breaks, for one reason or another, by which I mean to say that the mission glitches and prevents completion.  I’ve seen two areas where this happens:  one during the cutscene when the villain is actually broken out of his cell, where he refuses to walk out and play his part; and the other at the very end when the Nemesis sics a superhuman operative on you just as he makes his escape-sometimes he doesn’t bother with his dialogue, and that causes that villain to remain as an NPC and not as an opponent-and so can’t be targeted.  I’ve gone online any number of occasions to see what exactly causes the glitch, with no satisfactory answers; some folks claim fire powers for the Nemesis causes it, but I’m dubious on that score.  I’ve noted in the past that the door that has explosives attached to it beyond the entry room has a bug where it has two different options to disarm/defuse it, and I can’t help but suspect that this may be an area where things go bad.  Willforge managed to avoid that problem, though, because he was too slow and the door blew off, releasing the Green Dragon villain to fight.  I may experiment more in the future for this, either with other characters or this one.

Yes, I said “this one”, because starting with Prison Break, the Nemesis missions can and will repeat.  There is a point where the Nemesis can be defeated once and for all (and should I get that far, I’ll be posting about that), and when that happens, you have the option of creating a new Nemesis for the character-and that chain starts with Prison Break.  So if things were to go abnormally well, I could conceivably have Willforge running this mission again before it’s all over for him.  It’s more likely, though, that a new hero will be going through this chain of events and we’ll see what happens then.  You’d think that just maybe, someone in the development department would try to figure out the problem with this mission, but since it’s been glitched like this for years, I suspect we’ll never see a proper fix.  (That said:  my last run through didn’t have a glitch, and maybe that indicates that it DID get fixed when I wasn’t looking.  Miracles HAVE been documented in the past….)

I figure once Willforge gets to 37, it’ll be time to get apocalyptic!  Stay tuned!


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