WF: Fish Gotta Swim, Nemeses Gotta Get Beat

Synopsis:  At last!  Willforge and Mindhunter go head to head!  Who will walk away from this confrontation?  Plus:  the Lemurians have come to Monster Island seeking aid.  What threats under the ocean’s surface lie in wait?

I’ve finally managed to wrap up the early cycle of Nemesis missions for Willforge in Champions Online-and now that Nemesis is locked away in the Millennium City Jail for good (well, at least until he gets shipped to Stronghold)…right?  RIGHT?!  (Spoiler alert:  don’t bet on it.)  I love missions where I can actually make full use of the Telekinesis power to throw things at the bad guy; it’s often an open question as to whether or not there are any destructible objects that the power is strong enough to utilize.  The character isn’t able to throw eighteen wheelers, but lots of crates and other incidentals are certainly doable.  The fact that so many missions don’t have that sort of thing available is why the TK has been relegated to the upper bar of my power-bar, making room for more useful abilities on my keyboard.

It seemed that the time was also right to start running some missions in the next available zone:  the underwater zone!  Taking place originally near the undersea kingdom of Lemuria, it’s all about fighting evil cultists and their minions…wait, that sure sounds a lot like the surface world, doesn’t it?  Bad guys are gonna be bad guys no matter which side of the ocean you happen to be on-above or below!  I’ve managed to climb up another level, and it may not be long before I hit the final zone in the leveling sequence (for those unfamiliar with the game, a hint:  Willforge has actually been there before, but not in this way).  But I expect to spend some more time in Lemuria-and in Monster Island-before then, because the number of equal-level missions are dwindling, and I prefer not to do the higher level ones until I get around those levels.  I expect I’ll be going back and forth with the two zones.  I’m figuring tentatively around level 35 or 36 will be the time I start devoting myself to the end of the line.

Some of the slack is picked up, too, in the Alerts.  I continue to run the xp-bonus Alerts, roughly every fifty minutes of gameplay (this is so that the lump sum of xp gained at the end is ALSO still boosted), and that helps fix some of the gaps.

Things have really improved for the character once I got that close-area attack power for him; being able to prevent anything less than boss-level from beating on him while he unloads that power, plus doing similar with his ranged-area power, has done wonders for his survivability.  The heavy hitters are still an issue-particularly if they have buddies-but I’ve been able to do okay (as witnessed by the big Nemesis fight mentioned above).

Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to pick up a couple levels over the weekend and holiday.  I plan to spend some time on CO that’s been lacking a bit lately, as I’ve been doing the Summer Event in Star Trek Online, and getting a few more of my primary characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic caught up.


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