Surf City, Here I Come

Everybody’s gone surfin’…!

Well, once in a while, Starfleet Captains just gotta have fun.  And who needs it more, right?  Between wars with Klingons, Borg, Dominion, Undine, Vaadwaur, Iconians, and now Tzenkethi…well, it’s a wonder most of the officers in Starfleet haven’t gone mad.  And what better way to unwind then in Star Trek Online’s Summer event, the Lohlunat Festival?

Every year, STO breaks out the summer fun on the planet of Risa, famed for being a pleasure planet-and not in the “mind-in-the-gutter” way.  It’s about sand, surf, and good times.  Oh, and rewards.  Did I mention rewards?  Many of the mini-events on Risa involve gaining Favors, which will allow you to purchase swimwear for your character (which does not work on bridge officers), or special items like kit modules.  But as usual, there’s also a big prize, one that’s reserved for running an event daily for a heap of days-in this case, it works out about three and a half weeks (but if you exchange Lobi, you can shorten that time a bit, Lobi being found in opened lockboxes).  Most years, I don’t really care about the prize:  it’s been exclusively non-standard ships, such as Risan luxury ships, or a Ferengi ship, or-last year-a Vorgon escort ship.  This year, though, I’ve been kicking around character concepts for my next STO captain, and the ship this year is a Vorgon carrier ship-and that sort of thing might work very well with a concept I’ve been toying with in my head.

So, I decided THIS year, I’ll push for it.  Over halfway to the goal right now, so I feel confident of reaching it, barring surprises.  In the meantime, since I’m at the resort, might as well indulge in the other activities to get those Favors-which are not account bound-in order to help other captains in my stable be ready for summer beach activity.  So I’ve spent a lot of time in powerboard (eg. surfing) races (took third place in one such race-it’ll likely never happen again), floater courses, building sand castles, looking for temporally displaced artifacts-I’m pretty sure that one’s new this year-racing in a biathlon, which uses both the floaters and powerboards (I actually took a second place prize on that one at one point-also probably never happen again, I’m sure), and, of course, dancing at the beach-which actually has the largest single return on favors, although I haven’t bothered calculating what’s best per-minute.  I’m not that dedicated.

Also, as might have been noticed above, I’m experimenting with new screenshot frameworks for various characters.  I’m not really happy with the one above, but I wanted to have something for this post.  The framework idea’s worked out pretty well for my Star Wars: The Old Republic characters of Anthrandos and Sorshan, and for STO’s Rick Masters, not to mention the covers for Willforge in Champions Online; so I’m likely to continue to experiment until I get one I like for my Starfleet main (and by extension, KDF and Romulan mains).  It’s probably not a shock that I will also be considering what to use for that aforementioned future STO concept down the line, likely to make appearances after I get Willforge to 40 in CO.  We’ll see what happens.


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