WF: Total Eclipse of the Nemesis

Synopsis:  In the wilds of Canada, dark spirits are assaulting the Hunter-Patriots.  Argent is ramping up activity in the area.  And the alien Gadroon are continuing to work a transformation to convert the environment to one of their liking.  Into all of this comes Willforge, who must stop their plans and face a super-villain who is working to increase his own power with a magical artifact that will make him unstoppable!

The Champions Online adventure continues!  I’ve had Willforge return to Canada to continue his push to level 30-he’s over halfway there, which has gone substantially faster than I remembered.  Either the slowdown is occurring later in the leveling chain, or the Alerts I’ve done to boost the xp gains have really done a benefit.  It occurs to me that there are players who exclusively level their characters through Alerts as soon as possible….

One thing that’s been scarce, though, has been Nemesis-related missions.  Some background:  once you get a Nemesis, in theory, you can be ambushed by their minions at any time-or more specifically, when you pick up one of the little boost drops that occasionally come from defeated opponents-think of them as instantly activating boosts to damage, or accuracy, or you health or energy bars.  This sometimes triggers a spawn of the Nemesis minions, and one of them should drop what is known as a “Nemesis Clue”-which enables a mission related to the Nemesis.  Often it’s just to stop the minions from doing something; sometimes you get a shot at the Nemesis.

This is sort of the theory, anyway.  There’s a few ugly things that seem to happen sometimes.  There is a timer of sorts involved, for example, so you don’t end up hit with minions within seconds of each other.  In fact, the clues have a timer, too-and I think it starts when you complete the Nemesis mission (but I can’t prove that).  That’s not a major problem.  The bigger problem is that sometimes, when the Nemesis spawns in, they suddenly spawn out before you get a chance to start fighting them-or even while you do so.  This, of course, robs you of any chance to get a Nemesis Clue.  Plus, some of the Nemesis missions are level-gated, which means if one is slated to come up, you simply won’t get a the Clue or perhaps even spawns until you get to a level which can do that mission.

This may or may not be why I’ve had but a single Nemesis mission to date-to smack the minions around a pipeline, if memory serves.  Nothing worth writing home about.

Brighter sides:  I am closing in on level 30 rapidly, and may do so by the time of my next post here.  The character arcs in Canada of late have focused on the groups from Argent, the Hunter-Patriots, and undead serving the villain Eclipse.  The next arc on my list, though, will take us away from corporate skulduggery, revolutionaries, and magic and into good old classic mad science!



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