Synopsis:  THERE’S SNAKES IN THEM HILLS, PART ONE!  VIPER has set up shop in Canada, and Willforge needs to find out what FOXBATCON!  Come attend the greatest convention in the world, celebrating the television show based on the greatest superhero ever to live-FOXBAT!  Bask in the awesomeness of the best of the best, and not that telepathic weenie, Willforge!  Remember:  Willforge sucks, Foxbat rocks!

The event FOXBATCON is going on at the moment for Champions Online, which is sort of their April Fool’s event.  And…well, it involves Foxbat.  That sort of tells you everything you need to know.

That said, I haven’t really been participating.  I find the “find 5 Foxbat impersonators per day, without repeating the ones you hit earlier” to be tedious, even with the help of the maps that are floating around on the web.  And the prizes aren’t really worth the tedium to me, so I just have continued on my merry way.  Of course, one can’t get away from the event entirely; special loot drops of Foxbat swag ensure that you can collect the special currency (I admit I haven’t checked item pricing, but I suspect that what is gained from these drops is a literal drop in the bucket as to what’s needed for a single item from the event), or entertaining limited use toys suitably appropriate for Foxbat (such as a trout melee weapon) .

As expected, I’ve been spending time in Canada, and after clearing off some blue level missions to clean my plate, I headed west to the VIPER compound to start hammering opponents there.  The good news is that it also threw me a lot of “help me, help me” missions.  I should elaborate:  one of the catchier things that happens in this game (at least at certain levels-I don’t think they happen at the really high levels) is that civilians will run up to your hero and give you a one-shot mission.  Kind of like your standard “kill x goons” or “find x items” or “blow this stuff up” that aren’t tied to the storylines of the game-and for that matter, don’t matter where they send you on the map.  The missions are always instanced, so no fighting off other players, and sometimes the entrances are in rather level inappropriate places (like, say, 10 levels higher).  That said, I like the feeling of spontaneity here, the idea that civilians are asking for your hero’s help.  Now, it can get annoying at times-you’re standing around talking to someone else, and you get interrupted by the big mission window to accept or decline the mission-but for the most part?  I don’t really mind it.

Anyway, the missions that were sent my way in combination with the storyline missions got me to level 24, and one more level before some of the really fun stuff happens.  I’m going to work on finishing up the VIPER stuff, and then I think I’ll be ready to return to the desert for a bit.


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