WF: Mental Problems

Synopsis:  PSI-FI, PART ONE!  There’s something odd going on with that new self-help sensation, Mind, Inc.  People are acting strangely, and the MCPD have asked Willforge to look into it.  What he winds up discovering is a menace from the past reborn-and a danger that affects not just the mayor of the city, but his family, too!  ALSO:  What happened when Kevin Poe escaped the massacre at Westside?  Can Willforge tie off this loose end?

In Champions Online, things may not necessarily be all they seem.  What appears to be mere pamphleteers for the seemingly benevolent organization called Mind, Inc can instead be members of a villainous organization (even if they look like little old ladies; that one mission meant more when you encountered her cat in the old tutorial).  And when said members are all psionically powered…well, is it any wonder why I chose to have Willforge work on his next level or two in Millennium City instead of putting him through more Canadian troubles?

I’ve managed to get through most of that arc-and it sort of almost immediately leads into another one, and that one sort-of-kind-of ties into one in Canada, so the path ahead seems clear, even if it doesn’t exactly follow my original plan of getting back to the Desert.  But levels start slowing down at this stage, and more missions are needed to get those levels; Canada’s going to be in the mix, one way or another.

First, though, I may finish up some missions in my Millennium City list that I’ve ignored in favor of the Mind issues; I liked them better than the aliens that are a part of the other thread in this level range.  That said, given my character’s origin of alien abduction, it sort of feels wrong to ignore them entirely-particularly since those aliens have a strong presence in Canada.  I’m not sure if I’ve already outleveled that region, though.  Choices, choices.

The character himself hasn’t picked up a new power as of yet, but his survivability has gone up since the lower levels.  Ever since that one beating I took at the hands of Irradiate waves, I’ve managed to pretty much get through missions without faceplanting against the big heavies (the one notable exception being that incident with VIPER’s prison).  As long as I don’t do something dumb like aggro multiple groups all simultaneously, I can usually get through a fight at a reasonable pace.  It may not be long before I feel the character is prepared to run a few Alerts-which will help ease some of the xp gain pains.


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