WF: You Got My Magic In Your Radiation!


Synopsis:  Ghost towns in the desert are a staple in the Old West, but Burnside is the real deal!  Don’t say there’s no such thing as ghosts-you won’t make it ten minutes in Burnside with that attitude!  The Champion known as Witchcraft is under mystic assault here, and Willforge must discover the reason behind it-and defeat the deadly duo of Talisman and Fallout!

The plan was a good one in Champions Online.  Do the Southwest Desert missions to get to the new Snake Gulch content.  It sounded like a good plan.  There were a few details I’d missed, though.

First, it seems that it’s a limited time sort of thing.  That annoys me, but not as much as you’d think; it’s rare for an MMO to spend much time or resources into something that’ll only be done once and done.  (Rare, I said, not never; it’s happened before.)  But the bigger issue is that it seems geared to the level 40’s, which means end-game content stuff (well, let me correct myself:  it’s at minimum a higher level than where Willforge is at).  I’ve no objection to that-one of the big gripes of CO over the years is that it didn’t really have any-but since Willforge isn’t anywhere remotely close to that, and he’s sort of my focus at the moment, the big event is going to have to be along the lines of “eh.  Maybe next time.”

Levels come slower at this point-but I’ll add the caveat that I haven’t done any of the queues with xp boosts yet, which can help the situation (more on that in a future post).  No new powers picked up since last time, but did up specializations and talents.  Leveling is a bit of a crapshoot sometimes in CO; some levels get you powers, some get you boosts in attributes, some allow you to put a point in a specialization path that you may or may not get to choose (the first one depends on your primary super-stat), and some allow you to improve the powers you already have.  Thing is, it doesn’t necessarily happen all at once, and sometimes you find you get a level and it doesn’t really do much for you.  Additionally, if you’re playing an Archetype instead of Freeform, your powers are more or less chosen for you except for a couple “if/else” choices; and when they get stuff is different than the Freeform guys, anyway.

My character’s been working off of the Ego specialization, since it seemed to work out well for Telepathy, and I’ve no complaints on that score.  I’m about a level away from finishing that tier of specializations, of which there are three.  Archetypes are forced into specific specializations for their second and third tiers, but Freeforms get to choose-and I’ll admit, I haven’t put any thought into that as of yet.  I’m leaning towards stuff that will help survivability, but the jury’s still out on that.  I’ve got two levels to go before I have to start making that decision, though.

As far as the content goes, I’ve finished Burnside and the Atomic Wasteland arcs in the desert, which positions me to go to Snake Gulch-which is where I found out about some of those event details.  Teach me not to do more research.  Still, it looks like the normal Snake Gulch missions still exist.  That’s the good news.  The bad is that the missions are rated for a level higher than mine.  This is no big deal as far as getting it done; I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.  But the xp gain isn’t worth it-I’m better served going back to Millennium City or Canada to pick up extra xp before doing Snake Gulch.  I’m bound to hit Canada at some point; there’s a spot where a character wraps up all the desert missions and all the city missions but isn’t high enough level to hit Monster Island yet, but Canada still has plenty.  I’m still working out which to go with next, though.

The city’s got the edge, though, because it would be a damned shame for me to skip the mission arc with a bunch of telepaths!  Bring on the bad mentalists!


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