WF: Secret Origins!


Synopsis:  A new hero has arrived in Millennium City!  But who is he?  How did he come by his powers?  And why is he fighting the good fight as the hero Willforge?  It began a few years ago, when a young stock broker named Steven Wentworth was abducted by aliens, seeking to understand humanity and their metahuman potential.  Their experiments are painful and invasive, but they find success in unlocking Steven’s metahuman gene-unleashing his psionic potential!  Overwhelming his captors and garbing himself in their uniforms, Steven fights his way out of their hidden base and makes his way to Millennium City-ready to use his new powers to help others, and find the alien who was in charge of his abduction so that it can never again use mankind as its private testing ground!

In case it wasn’t obvious, I’ve made my return to Millennium City in Champions Online, and with so many possible options to choose for a new hero, I chose to let Fate decide, much like I had with Star Wars: The Old Republic during their Dark vs. Light event.  I was a bit more limited this time, though:  I decided to randomize the gender, and use a two layer randomization to determine the general archetype (although I may monkey around with things, since I’m doing freeform-I’m just paying attention to the general flow of powers with archetypes).  I could have chosen to randomize the entire power structure, but that’s too insane even for me.

So the random generation called up a male hero, and the archetype I wound up with was “The Mind”.  So, it was going to be a telepathic hero.  When one gets down to it, telepathy is usually not a major power with super heroes.  Sure, heroes have it-but they usually supplement it with other abilities.  Phoenix of the X-Men had telekinesis (which, arguably, was her stronger point).  Psylocke of the same team made use of martial arts and ninja skills (to be fair, she did start out as a pure telepath, but Jim Lee happened, so…).  The Martian Manhunter of the Justice League has a whole host of powers slapped in along with his telepathy.  The one “pure” telepath that immediately comes to mind is Professor X of the X-Men, but he wasn’t exactly what you’d call an active combatant.

So, what does this mean for my character?  Well, I may or may not choose to supplement his power with another powerset as I go along.

The outfit leans hard on the Cosmic costume set from the C-Store.  I had been looking for an excuse to use that outfit-or at least portions of it-and this was as good as I was going to find.  The outfit, in fact, helped inform the backstory for the character.  There are a lot of friendly aliens out there in the Champions Universe, but plenty of hostile ones, too.  Being me, though, I decided to home-brew an alien species, which I’ll probably define in my “head-canon” at some point.  It’s a big galaxy.  Plus, having this sort of origin story in mind means I have a ready-made Nemesis when I get to level 25 as far as concept goes.

The name was the hardest part.  I didn’t want a two-part name (like, say, “Old Ranger” or “Stellar Protector”); I fell back on that enough times in City of Heroes, and since you could have duplicate names in CO with other players, I could go with anything I could work out.  I wanted to avoid the obvious of “Mind-” or “-mind”, too.  (I already have a Mindblade, too, adding insult to injury.)  I poked around in my head trying to work out mental attributes I could use as a name, and finally came up with Willforge; the character is forging his mind into a weapon he can use against his enemies.

So there we have it-a new hero to go through CO and reach for level 40 (the max level in the game).  I’m still working out how I’ll update his advancements, as CO isn’t nearly as structured as Star Trek Online or SWTOR, but I’ve chosen-unlike with those two-to use the conceit of comic book covers to illustrate his activity.  Watch for Willforge’s adventures throughout this year!


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