Reckoning on Tzenkethi

The next Season publish for Star Trek Online is coming in just a couple of weeks (less than that, technically), and it seems that there’s a fair amount coming along with it.  Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

The Season-entitled “Reckoning”-features the coming of a species referred to but never seen in Trek before:  the Tzenkethi.  They were mentioned as a major factor in the previous episode, and now they’ll take center stage with new ships to fight (and, undoubtedly, new lockbox bait) and new aliens to actually confront on the ground.  Their look is interesting, to say the least.

We're coming for you!  Leave US out of your alliance, will you?

We’re coming for you! Leave US out of your alliance, will you?

Of course, out in forum land, there are a faction of folks who insist that they should’ve looked like they were described in the Trek novels, which have had the Tzenkethi as a part of an opposing alliance called the Tython Pact.  What some of these people are forgetting is that the novels aren’t canon-despite the fact that STO has taken choice bits from it (such as the existence of Mackenzie Calhoun and the Vesta class starship).  The developers chose to go with an appearance that seems to have been put forward by the creator of the episode where they were mentioned in Star Trek.  One possibility the devs apparently tossed around was making them a “femme fatale” species.  I’m sort of glad they didn’t; we already had something that loosely had that appearance (in the form of Iconians), and for that matter, the Orions pretty much fill that space.  (Yes, I know there are male Orions; let’s see how the gender breakdown between male and female goes with KDF Orion captains….)

The ships are pretty…hefty?  One person out there said it was like it took Trek design and had a baby with an EVE Online battlecruiser.  They’re not wrong, at least on a couple of the ships.  I’m hearing that the ships will be “difficult to fight at first”, but will get easier when you learn how to deal with them.  Let’s hope that it doesn’t involve insane amounts of health, like the Vaadwaur.  I’m for interesting, but not “let’s see how much damage we can soak with THIS species!”

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

It should be obvious that all this work on a species means we’re seeing some content featuring them.  Reckoning will feature a new Episode in the current arc-and it’s a safe bet that remainder of the arc will involve the Tzenkethi as well.  We’re getting a new Reputation-well, no big shock there.  The method of improving the rep is coming in a new Battlezone, which is always fun to play around in-well, at least as long as other players are around.  (I’ve noticed that Battlezones get rougher when everyone has moved on to the new shiny.)

It’s also worth a mention that it’ll be the seven year anniversary for Star Trek Online in just under a month.  I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing another episode rolling around for it, but traditionally, one can expect Q to show up and have interesting prizes and activities rolling around, so stay tuned for my thoughts on that as information begins to come our way.


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