AoY: Apocalypse


It’s a pity that so many of these brave sentients are about to die….

Personal Log, Stardate 94614.09

It’s over.  At last.

It took a couple of minor miracles, as well as temporal shenanigans that I wish I could ask Agent Daniels about-where the HELL has he been?-but the war against the Iconians is over.

The cost?  Most of Starfleet, the KDF, and the Romulan Republic’s fleet.  Do they have an official designation yet?  I’ve never asked.  Lives on so many worlds-including the only known living Preservers we’d found during that mess with the Breen.  The Klingon Emperor is dead.  Empress Sela-hell, she’s probably escaped custody again, just like she’s done more times than I can remember now.  Not to mention, apparently, an entire species thanks to meddling with temporal weaponry.

What the hell was I thinking?  I’m a damned temporal agent!  I knew-I KNEW!-the dangers of messing with the timeline.  I’m a result of people messing with the timeline.  They plucked me out of my proper time and place-admittedly out of certain death-and put me here in a future I couldn’t have imagined on my best day.  Arguably, it worked out-I’ve done so much since coming to this century.  But trying to use a temporal weapon against the Iconians was wrong both ethically and tactically.  And in the end, it came down to a predestination paradox which both effectively started the war and ended it.

The war is over.  And for the first time in my time in this century, it doesn’t look like major hostilities between the galactic powers are about to break out again.  In other words, we may have finally arrived at an area of peace.  The Dominion’s behaving; the Klingons are staying quiet-probably because most of their fleet is in rebuilding, like the rest of us-the Tal Shiar faction of the Romulans has had their teeth removed with the Iconians; the Undine are staying put in fluidic space and the Borg threat has dropped dramatically.  There’s talk about finally returning to what Starfleet was originally all about:  exploring space.

The Orca is undergoing significant repairs from its time at war, and my hope is that we’ll be one of the ones heading out to deep space, whether it’s beyond our current borders, in the Delta Quadrant, or even the Gamma Quadrant if we can keep the Dominion from throwing a fit if we go on the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole.  I’ll take anything that doesn’t involve massive fleet battles.

I think a whole bunch of Starfleet captains would agree with me there.

End Log.

This is the kind of thing the Temporal Prime Directive is supposed to prevent.

This is the kind of thing the Temporal Prime Directive is supposed to prevent.

The New Year’s here, and what better way to begin than to complete the Iconian War arc in Star Trek Online with my Agent of Yesterday?

Sadly, with all the temporal craziness going on, you would think that there would be some references by the local temporal agent Phillip Crey about the ramifications, particularly since the player character in this case is a 23rd century refugee.  Nope.  The usual silence concerning the character’s origins continues, with only one reference to it made in the entire storyline thus far post-23rd century.  And that was with a mission that was released at the same time as the expansion.  Seriously, would it have killed the devs to add a branch of dialogue for this?  They had no problem with retrofitting missions with dialogue acknowledging Romulans, and there’s clearly a flag that recognizes the origins of the character since the aforementioned one mission did so.  It’s not even adding dialogue for every mission-just ones that made sense for it to do so.

Okay, that was a minor rant.  I’m better now.

Going over the missions again in this arc, I’m a little more forgiving about the whole “Sela’s captured!  Sela’s free!” thing.  When the missions first came out, I complained that there was no reference to her having gotten out of a Romulan Republic prison in the two mission interim between her capture and her popping up again in this arc; but either a comment was added or I missed it the first time when Admiral Quinn comms you about “Hey, Sela escaped and is around your location”.  (“Gee, Admiral, funny you should mention.  Could you have told me this fifteen minutes earlier, before I fought off her overly armed freighter and captured her again?”)

I didn’t bother with going crazy with the Iconian reputation on this one-I probably could have, since I have spare boxes of “choose a mark type” in my inventory, but I knew that the odds of me getting to top tier before I finished the War was slim to none.  It would feel odd getting messages about Sela and her attempt to recruit help against the Iconians when I’d already finished the War.  It worked before, because, well, there was a month between episodes-plenty of time to rank up.  Not so much here-even if I’d gotten the marks through the queued group content.  There’s still the fact that the most advantageous and cost effective method of improving reputation is through dailies, and that means even with sponsorship tokens, it would take weeks to finish.

Now, I’m getting ready to hit the last complete arc in STO, and I have higher hopes that there will be some acknowledgement of origin going on, particularly since the back end of the arc came out with the whole “Agents of Yesterday” expansion, so it’s not like the developers didn’t know the temporal agents would be coming here.  I’ve got a big change in store for the character as well, that I’ve been sitting on for quite some time, just waiting for the right moment to spring.  That time is almost here!


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