AoY: Jingle Bells

Fear the power of HOT CARAMEL!

Fear the power of HOT CARAMEL!

Personal Log, Stardate 94584.77

About fifty years ago-that’s a ballpark number, I can’t be bothered to look it up right now-the U.S.S. Enterprise, the 1701-D model, began its maiden voyage, and ran into a being that called itself “Q”.  And things haven’t been the same since.

Q isn’t the only “omnipotent” being that Starfleet’s encountered.  I can point to a couple others that seemed like they had roughly the same power level.  Trelane.  The Metrons.  The Organians.  The big difference is that Q likes to meddle a lot more, and has a sense of humor.  And there’s more than one Q, all of which are called Q.

And he’s decided to throw a winter party-and invited just about everyone in the galaxy along.

That’s how I found myself in a strange winter wonderland, like something you’d read about in fairy tales.  Except the snowmen have been assimilated by the Borg, gingerbread people are being attacked by gigantic snowmen and defended by what I can only describe as a living snow-cone, and Klingons line up to test their honor against fish made of some kind of gummy substance.  Oh, and phasers don’t help at all against these things-instead, they’re harmed by snowballs.

Snowballs.  Or gummy drops.  Or in my case, a hot caramel blaster.  That one at least made sense to me-hot melts ice, right?

As crazy as it is, though, and as oddly dangerous as it sounds, Q doesn’t seem to mean any harm in all of this.  I’ve been frozen solid, which should have killed me, but I thaw out and ready to fight the assimilated snowmen again.  After the first few times, I found myself actually enjoying myself.  It’s crazier than any holodeck simulation, and I shrug and go along with it.

Let the galaxy wait just a while.  The dangers ahead will still be there.  But for a brief bit of time, I can stop being a temporal agent, stop being on the front lines of just about every major problem the galaxy wants to throw at em.  For a brief bit of time, I can just punch a gummy-fish and turn into a snowman myself and shoot caramel at snowmen.  Just for a brief bit of time, I can put it all behind me-and just live for the moment.

End Log.

When Snow-Cones Attack!

When Snow-Cones Attack!

The holiday season tends to reduce my blog posting considerably-this may have been noticed already-but I didn’t want to close out the year with the Delta Quadrant, when the winter event in Star Trek Online was rolling.  It had been a couple of years since the last time I bothered doing anything with it, and I felt with Delta Rising in the rear view mirror, I could pause and go for some amusement.

And amusement was there.  The skating race-both versions-are still there, as well as the invasion of the Borg-ified snowmen, and the animation of all the snowmen in the region to attack everyone.  The instance to defend the gingerbread men was also still there.  What I hadn’t done before was non-instanced gingerbread village defense, which includes animating a giant snow-cone, and new this year was Klingon Ice Fishing.  (This may or may not be legitimate; Q is known for an odd sense of humor.)

I had lots of holiday tokens left over from the past, so I was able to equip Rick with a hot-caramel blaster, as I wanted something different than what I’d equipped on other past characters.  I didn’t bother getting any of the winter gear for him-who knows how much play he’ll get once I’ve completed his journey?-although if he gets enough ornaments on his own, I may spring for something.  As usual, I’m not even bothering attempting to go for the Breen starship; my time availability wasn’t enough in the past, and it’s even less available now.

Merry Christmas to All (or holiday of your preference), and have a Happy New Year!


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