SS: Consolidation of Power


“It’s all gone hopelessly tangled.

My authority on the Dark Council is something that tends to wax and wane.  Darth Marr obviously didn’t think much of me when he told me the Empire was in danger of losing the war to the Republic; he certainly wasn’t impressed with my early work on Makeb, where things had gone wrong ever since my shuttle hit atmosphere.  But we formed a tenuous alliance in the face of my success in saving Makeb; I know he is using me, but I am using him as well-his presence adds to my own.  It will end in betrayal, of course-with a Sith, it always ends in betrayal.  But this time, I hope, my eyes are open.

Opportunity.  The Republic publicly announced that the Jedi had killed the Sith Emperor.  At this point, I must believe it true; too many independent sources have said it.  While devastating to morale, it offers a chance for the Dark Council to lead in our own names, not in the Emperor’s.  With Makeb’s bounty behind us, perhaps we can reforge the Empire.  It’s already started-aliens have been welcomed into positions of authority, helped in no small part by my own actions and example.  This heartens me.  I am making a difference.  My end goal doesn’t seem so impossible.  I can redeem the Empire-can I also redeem the Sith?

I believe I can.  Lord Hargrev on Oricon is my example.  With the Emperor gone, the Dread Masters have gone rogue, and indeed, one has already perished-and this is driving the others insane.  They are attempting to spread fear and madness across the galaxy, and Lord Hargrev had the misfortune of being one of the first on Oricon to feel that.  His own power has shielded him and others-but also shown him that his depravity was nothing compared to the Dread Masters.  And in this, perhaps, he has been enlightened-instead of sacrificing his people, he exposed himself further to shield them.  He is changing.

We can change.

Unfortunately, my time on Oricon has been cut short, as an opportunity unlike any other has presented itself which might further slow the advance of the Republic….”

-from Sorshan’s Story

It’s been a while since I did the missions on Makeb.  With the massive xp boost that was running in Star Wars: The Old Republic prior to the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, I was able to skip Makeb entirely, and when I was running Anthrandos through his Epic, I was uncertain as to the timing of the end of the Light vs. Dark event, so I skipped Makeb on that character as well.  But now that I’ve hit my goals with the event, I can afford to take my time and be more complete in my playing, and this meant once more revisiting the world of Makeb.

I’ve always been quietly delighted by the unexpected turn for the Empire represented by Makeb.  While it was done for non-altruistic reasons, the Empire was responsible for keeping a world intact instead of blowing it up.  A novel experience, to say the least!  It was like candy to my Light Side aligned Sith!  I reaped a good chunk of influence for Talos, too, as he prefers those sort of choices, and I wanted to give Ashara a break.  As usual, I skipped doing heroic missions on Makeb-and I’m pretty sure that for the most part, they’re not Heroic-2’s.  Somewhere along the line, I should really investigate that sort of thing.

Once Makeb was done, I decided to bite the bullet and do Oricon as well.  There wasn’t all that much to do there; the mission chain for single players is pretty short, but I felt it would be worth doing anyway.  It was short enough that I decided to fold it into this post as well, instead of a stand-alone post.  Khem Val was my choice of bodyguard there, and since there wasn’t many morality choices to worry about, I didn’t get too many disapprovals from him.  (Hasn’t stopped me before; why expect things to change?)

With Oricon as out of the way as I’m going to get it, that opens the door for the Prelude to the Shadow of Revan.  I considered briefly going to do some of the missions at Czerka CZ-198, but those are basically just daily missions and I can’t really bring myself to roll with those.  So the next stop for Sorshan is a visit to the Jedi homeworld, and-big shock!-a betrayal by a Sith!


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