SS: Journey To The Center Of The Mind


“If there can be worse news than Darth Thanaton being raised to the Dark Council, it’s that he’s declared Kaggath against me.  I suppose I should be flattered; first thing he does as a member of the Dark Council is to declare war against me with all the resources he has at his disposal, against all the resources I have at mine.

Is he truly that insecure?  Has my survival truly enraged him beyond reason?  I think so.  I think so.  It’s a slight against him, personally, that I chose not to die at Zash’s hands, that I chose not to die at his hands.  The temerity of me.

My resources are greater than he may believe, now.  As I stand against him, there are those who see my continued existence as a banner to flock to.  The military is siding with me, as I have thrown support behind them; Thanaton doesn’t think of that, too lost in Sith traditions.  He lets his anger cloud his judgment.  I have two apprentices, one official, one not.  I’m…uncertain about Xalek, as he appears to be the exact kind of Sith I do not want at my back, but this is what Harkun had left.  I imagine he was laughing as we left Korriban….

The voices are silent now.  The mind-healing at Voss has rendered them so.  The ritual was forbidden-it required a Gormak to work-and that alone seemed a good reason why the Voss forbade it.  It wasn’t until later when I realized the true reason it must have been so-and justified the reason why the Voss didn’t want me anywhere near their planet.  Too late now.  Darth Serevin was angry, but I’ll live.  He’s not the Darth I am concerned with now.

Our final battle approaches.  Corellia will be the field of battle, and everything I’ve done since I was declared a Lord of the Sith has led to this moment.  This perfect moment where only two outcomes are possible.

I will live.

Or I will die.

I choose life.”

-from Sorshan’s Story

Voss heralds a time of transitions for me in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Why?  Because Sorshan has reached level 65, and thus hit the last tier that I’m going for in the Light vs. Dark event, which will allow me to claim the winning companion at the end of the event.  (Last report:  Light Side’s still winning.)

Does this mean I’m done with Sorshan’s Story, then?  The answer to that is:  Nope!  It will slow down, though, as I start to shift more focus to Star Trek Online-I’d like to keep Rick Masters in the limelight, and he has quite a way to go in his own career.  Additionally, unlike Anthrandos, who I rushed through to get to the end of Knights of the Fallen Empire, I plan to hit spots he didn’t-such as the planets Makeb and Oricon.  I don’t expect to do the Operation content there, as I’ve never actually done any operations and am reluctant to get sunk into that; I quite World of Warcraft due to the “raid or die” philosophies, and I have no plans to get drawn into that here.  Then, onward through the Shadow of Revan, Ziost, and finally, KotFE.  With minor breaks, of course, based upon the release schedule for Knights of the Eternal Throne (when it happens), along with getting other characters through the HK mission; I particularly want to run my other Inquisitor through it, since he chose not to bother HK with silly things like target restrictions.

And of course, Sorshan need to get through Corellia to close out her class story.  I’d never leave her hanging at such a pivotal moment!

In a wider view:  I’ve been very happy with the decision to blog the characters again as I progress them through content.  I’ve had a lot more posts in the last couple of months than I’ve done in years, and that fills up the time nicely between moments when there are things of substance to comment on concerning the MMOs I play.  It’s a great contrast from, say, last year, when I was lucky to put up a post once a week.  I’m looking very much forward to continuing this through the end of Sorshan’s Story at the end of KotFE (well, at least for the present; she and Anthrandos will get their turn at a continuation eventually when KotET hits).


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