SS: Ghostbusting


“If I should get a chance to look back on my life, Taris will be the bright dividing line between who I was before then, and who I became afterward.

Thanks to my near-death experience with Darth Thanaton, it appeared that I needed to make use of this ‘Force-Walking’ technique to bind more ghosts to my spirit, and add their power to my own in order to defeat Thanaton.  Unfortunately, ghosts don’t tend to make themselves known to just anyone.  The first lead was on Taris.  And I wasn’t encouraged to learn that this was yet another world that had been ravaged by a Sith-to make an example.  It was there I met Thana Vesh, who I believe is going to go far in the Sith Empire:  she’s every bit as cold blooded, merciless, sadistic, and ruthless as any I’ve ever met.  The only thing holding her back is the fact that she doesn’t use that lump on her shoulders to do anything other than speak, eat, hear, and see.  She’ll either be running the Empire one day, or wind up dead on the floor in some battle easily forgotten.

It was also here on Taris that I found Ashara Zavros, who was a Jedi Padawan who was somehow connected to the ghost I needed to bind.  It was obvious that she wasn’t really meant to be a Jedi; she holds to their teachings, but her passions get the better of her.  In a way, she’s a Jedi in much the same way that I am a Sith:  neither of us truly in a proper role.  I tried to negotiate with her and her masters to remove the ghost from their enclave, but the Jedi reacted disgustingly predictably.  I think, in a very real way, that was why Ashara threw in with me after I killed them in defense of my life.  By merely speaking to her, I realize what my role in life must be-why I’ve had to endure all I have.

The Empire is sick.  The Sith are sick.  But both can be redeemed.  Both can be healed.  And with Ashara’s help, perhaps I may be able to live long enough to make an attempt at it.  I believe that I will learn as much from her as she will from me, now.  And I no longer feel so alone in this Empire.  Now, all I have to do is find another ghost and survive Thanaton’s assassins to get at the Darth himself.

I should probably also make a note to never tell Ashara that the assassins set upon her to drive her to me were sent by me.  Maybe I’m more like the other Sith than I want to think about.”

-from Sorshan’s Story

Well, the long weekend is over, and I managed to close it out by closing out the Taris storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Taris sort of represents a solid turning point for a Light Side Sith Inquisitor; Ashara’s the right kind of Jedi at the right time after dealing with Khem and Andronikos.  She’s not as insane or warped as those two!  With the next companion waiting on Hoth, there will be another one waiting to join the Sane Train.  (Of course, that balance gets thrown off with the last companion, but hey, this is a Sith storyline-it’s gonna happen!)  So Ashara’s going to be the primary companion for Sorshan up to the end of Hoth; after that, I’ll likely swap between the later two and leave Andronikos and Khem in the freezer unless the story feels appropriate for one of them (such as Rishi; gotta take the pirate to the pirate world!  I’m looking forward to giving him the pirate hat there…).

Level-wise, still in the low 50’s; didn’t get as much xp as previous.  In part, that may be because I’m restocking on the experience point boosters-I actually ran ’em out during the Flashpoints, so I needed to build the supply up again-that’ll be important as I start heading towards the endgame of the Light vs. Dark event.  In hindsight, I might actually have some “situation specific” xp boosts, from both hypercrates I’d picked up when I’d accumulated so many Cartel Coins that I felt I had to do something with them, and from the event packs that came upon hitting each tier.

As far as Taris itself goes; it’s been remarked upon before by others, but the story really is about completely reversing every single thing the Republic did to rebuild Taris.  Teach Nekghouls the Jedi Way?  You’re job is to either kill them or put them back to the Dark Side.  Find the carbon-frozen government of Taris?  Your job is to put an end to them explosively (although that one’s in a Heroic mission).  You basically reverse the march a Republic character took to rebuild Taris, and wind up nuking the spaceport.

The star of Taris!

Separated at birth?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t spend a moment on the best reason to do the Taris planetary missions:  Thana Vesh!  If you cross a spoiled brat with the Dark Side of the Force, you get Thana.  She’s a delightful maniac who revels in carnage unlike just about anyone else.  She’s got a fan base on the forums, with a bunch of people calling for her to be a companion.  (That’s problematic, since you might have killed her on Taris.)  I sincerely believe that this popularity is the reason why we got an even more crazy version of Thana in the form of High Justice Vaylin in Knights of the Fallen Empire.  If I didn’t know better, I’d be tempted to think that Thana is one of Valkorion’s children….

Of course, I let her live.  It was a Light Side choice.  What REALLY hurt was that there’s a portion of the storyline where she’s stuffed in a prison cell, and you’re on the outside.  Any rational person would’ve said, “She deserved this.  Let her stew for a while.”  And I’d have been fine with that.  But the game made it a Light/Dark Side choice!  I banged my head on the desk because I really didn’t want to let her out.

And then, because I’m nothing if not dedicated to the plan, I let her out.  Sometimes, it hurts to be the good guy.



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