SS: Through Strength, I Gain Power…


“And now, the last support is gone.

Betrayal after betrayal after betrayal.  Darth Zash betrayed me:  she built me up only to take me for herself.  Darth Thanaton betrayed me:  as a former apprentice of Zash, his view was that I was to be killed-no matter that I had turned against her.  And now, a core belief I’ve held since Dromund Kaas has betrayed me as well.

In my time as a Sith, I have encountered many references to Revan, a Sith, a Jedi, one who had seen both sides of the Force.  The Master of the Order of Revan inducted me into their order, and believed that Revan had become the Emperor and ruled in secret.  Better to have lived with that lie.  Better than the truth.  Revan was not the Emperor.  He was the Emperor’s prisoner, recently freed to lead the Empire to the Foundry, a droid manufacturing facility of unprecedented scale.

And in those three centuries, Revan had gone mad.  His goal was to not simply defeat the Sith Empire, but to exterminate any with a trace of Sith blood-a genocide at an epic scale.  I tried…I tried to make him see that he wasn’t alone; his beliefs had been my beliefs.  I wanted so much to understand how he had done it-how he had reconciled the monstrous nature of the Sith with the passionless nature of the Jedi.  He could have told me so much.

Instead, I had to kill him.

I am alone.  Khem Val is not a friend; even before his current difficulty, he vowed to kill me if he ever broke free of our bond.  Andronikos Revel is not my friend; he’s too much the pirate, too much the free spirit, and too much the killer to see anyone as a friend.  It’s sad when the closest being I can trust is my ship droid-and I’m not at all convinced it can’t be reprogrammed to do me harm.

I stand alone.

Sometimes, I wonder if my life expectancy would be higher if I were still a slave.”

-from Sorshan’s Story

I’ve started up Chapter Two in the Inquistior’s class missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Sorshan is in a bad place right now.  (Don’t worry-things get better, and as soon as the next planet.)  The player behind Sorshan, however, is extremely pleased!  Sorshan has gotten past level 50 now, the original level cap in the game, and still going strong.  More importantly, I’ve done the Flashpoints for the Boarding Party and the Foundry, and in doing so, unlocked the next tier of rewards from the Light vs. Dark event.  Nothing earth shattering in the rewards; I thought I might actually have a full set of Freedon Nadd’s gear, but nope-still missing a crate.  A new vehicle I didn’t already have-not great looking, but at some point, I’ll give it to a character to use.  A slightly less red color crystal; a couple of new decorations (I really should get around to placing some of them).  That’s life.  Oh-and the rest of the Victorious Pioneer armor set, which was awarded in parts over the tiers, whose big claim to fame is the set bonus of greater xp-and it’s legacy bound, so it can be used again and again, as long as you remember to replace mods with appropriate leveled ones.

That leaves only the Eternal tier to go-and the only requirement I need to get that is level 65 on Sorshan.  I’m liking my odds.

Next up is the world of Taris!  Gonna go ghostbusting!


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