SS: A Game of-Why Do I Keep Making This Joke?


“He was right.  And in being right, brings me to despair.

I felt the stirrings of the despair on Alderaan.  I had learned that House Organa had the final artifact, and further, discovered that the way to this artifact might lie through getting an assassin and a Jedi to admit their love for one another again.  It was a reasonable plan-the Jedi had the key to the vault wherein the artifact lay, but in this I saw a way to avoid the usual bloodshed that a Jedi/Sith encounter devolves into.  I believed that if I could reason with him, perhaps-just perhaps-we could all get what we wanted.  But he was too blinded by his dogma-too angered (was there anger?  I think there was) that this meeting between old loves had been arranged by me, a Sith.  It ended exactly as one might have feared:  the usual bloodshed that a Jedi/Sith encounter devolves into.  I left with the artifact in hand, but disappointment that I had failed.  Likewise, an encounter with another relatively sane Sith, Urtel Moren, which might have developed into more-only he was killed in battle with House Organa and their Republic allies.  Like Darth Silthar before him, another rational Sith is killed early, while the sick and twisted rise.

Which makes the rest even harder to bear.  Darth Zash did indeed want to kill me-no, worse than that.  She wanted to replace me.  The ritual was aimed at granting me more power, she had said, but the truth was that it was for her, in a way I’d have never even dreamed.  Kallig had warned me.  Darth Thanaton had warned me.  Even Khem Val’s warnings, in hindsight, should have been a sign-Khem had even sensed it the moment he met Zash.  I ignored it all, unable to believe that the instrument of my salvation-my freedom from slavery-would be the instrument of my demise.  But I fought her, and the results…well, were unexpected.

Now, her power structure is mine.  Her apprentices, mine.  I do not know if I can trust them when they say that Darth Zash had foreseen this outcome-if so, why would she have done any of this?  They must be lying to me.  I will watch them.

Now, I shall take my place, as Sorshan, Lord of the Sith.  And I…I will try to learn not to hate what that means.”

-from Sorshan’s Story

With this, Chapter One of the Inquisitor story in Star Wars: The Old Republic reaches conclusion, and the character is in the upper 40s as far as levels go.  My guess is that I’ll hit 50 before the long weekend is out.

Alderaan is a world I like to make fun of as far as the setting goes.  I keep referring to “A Game of Thrones”, and it’s a reference even the developers understand (based on the Knights of the Fallen Empire alliance contact on Alderaan).  You have a group of noble houses, and they’re going to war with each other for the throne of the planet.  (Never mind that it’s occupied.  Nobody likes Bouris Ulgo, anyway.)  All we need are dragons and white walkers and we’re set.  That said, I’m always happy to visit this planet, because I always feel we-the viewers-got a raw deal in the assorted Star Wars movies to never actually spend time on that planet.  With the fact that it got blown up in the original movie, I felt that the prequel trilogy had a unique opportunity to finally give us a look at this world and make it all the more poignant when it was exploded.  Nope-we got maybe fifteen seconds of that planet in Revenge of the Sith.  So this is really the closest we get to seeing that world, unless Disney decides to make use of it for it’s non-Episode-numbered Star Wars movies.

Because it’s such a civilized world, I agonized over the companion I’d use on this world.  I ruled out Khem, because he’s a monster (it’s true!), but I couldn’t see taking Andronikos, because he’s a smartass and diplomacy isn’t his strong suit by any stretch of the imagination.  So in the end, I decided to take a third option:  I grabbed my encrypted holocommunicator out of my cargo bay and recruited Nico Okarr.  Because, since he was put in the game waaaaaay after the original game was published, he had absolutely no dialog options that he’d respond to.  In other words:  Nico knows when to keep his mouth shut!  It’s good to have been subscribed when they had that set of loyalty rewards being offered.

As far as my Light Side points go, I’ve achieved Light III, so I’m still holding up my end on those Light Side points for the event.  The Light Side still is having an edge in the event, which is good since that’s the side I’m on.  But there’s still plenty of time for that to reverse itself-the percentage points are still pretty close, presuming they’re accurate in any way.  As for me, the plan continues-next up will be to close out the last of the Flashpoints I need for the next tier of rewards.  We’ll see if anything good comes out of it.


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