SS: The Madness of the Desert


“This piece of the artifact has a feel.  It feels like madness.

Madness is a good way to describe my time on Tatooine.  A hot, desert world, with nothing of value-except dark secrets buried under the sands.  And some, like the Czerka Corporation, can’t help but try to unearth it.  That won’t be a problem anymore, at least.  Despite the disappointment of the Imperial Reclamation Service, the artifact left behind by the Infinite Empire will just have to be remembered by memory, rather than in fact.  It was too dangerous to take possession-and I certainly couldn’t leave it there for others to find.

I regret how that ended very much.  Darth Silthar was, aside from Darth Zash, the most sane Sith Lord I had ever met.  He didn’t abuse his subordinates, didn’t kill casually-I liked him.  But his thirst for knowledge, in the end, cost him his life at the hands of savages.  My time with him-and the IRS-has favorably disposed me toward them.  I hope that one day, I can work with them again, in less pressing times.  But with the secrecy surrounding Darth Zash’s ritual, I don’t dare call upon their aid to recover the artifacts.

Speaking of: the other artifact was in the hands of a pirate-or it would have been, if it hadn’t driven him to madness.  Darth Zash knew it took a pirate to track a pirate, which is how I met Andronikos Revel.  An unrepentant pirate, he helped me for the chance to take his vengeance on those who had betrayed him.  We both got what we wanted-Andronikos had his vengeance, and I received the artifact-after, I’ll add,  a bit of extra tracking.  With this piece, there is but one more to recover for Darth Zash’s ritual.  No more visits from Lord Kallig-but he warned me that he might not have the strength to manifest such again.  I will not dwell upon it-instead, I shall go to a more civilized world, and attempt to learn the whereabouts of the final artifact.”

-from Sorshan’s Story

It’s always good to have a planet finished in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  In the Light vs Dark event, I’m on schedule for hitting level 65 before the event ends.  Of course, I still have a Flashpoint or two to go through, but that’ll take care of itself soon enough.

The Light Side leanings are still causing me interesting issues, although not for the usual reasons.  I had expected that these choices would cause Andronikos to start up with the never-ending disapproves, but he’s actually approved of some of them.  Pirates-they’re never consistent when you want them to be, right?  Due to the nature of the class quests, Khem got pushed back onto the ship.  Of course, he remarked that I’d be sorry.  I really wish there was a conversation choice where I could have said, “You threaten to kill and eat me on a regular basis; in what reality does it make sense to trust you with my life?”  Granted, the bond between the two characters prevents little details like treachery, but at this point in the story, Sorshan would have to be insane to rely on it staying that way.

The best thing about doing Tatooine as an Imperial is that most of the locations I needed to go to didn’t require me to go through crazy canyons like the Republic side does.  Maybe I got lucky as an Inquisitor, but everywhere I went was mostly desert flatlands and dunes.  No three-dimensional canyons to try to puzzle out through the in-game map.  That’s my kind of navigation!

The long weekend is doing me good-I expect to be done with Chapter One very shortly!  Don’t be surprised to see another post-or two!-come up before this weekend is out.


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