SS: The Cult of Sorshan


“So.  I have a cult.

Lord Paladius possessed one of the artifacts Darth Zash desires, and since he wasn’t willing to play nicely with her, she sent me to find a way to retrieve it.  Paladius had fancied himself the head of a cult of the downtrodden and dispossessed, so my task was to make my own cult to take his down.  I wasn’t interested in using his techniques-the usual Sith ‘Fear me!’ babble.  I chose to go against what most think of as Sith behavior and actually help the downtrodden.

It wasn’t that long ago, after all, that I was one of those.

To shorten the long story, Paladius is no longer in possession of that artifact, and I am.  My cult remains, and perhaps will actually do some good with the poor on Nar Shadda-and in doing so, be a force to swing that world into the Empire in due time.  If it works, it might prove to be a greater danger to the Republic than worlds brought in by conquest-because these people will want to be with the Empire.  Balmorra showed me the problems inherent in taking a world that doesn’t want to be Imperial-so perhaps the better method is to make them want to be.

It’s worth a try.  Particularly since I’ve managed to infuriate a number of the Empire’s military minds by not ordering slaughters.  They don’t understand it!  Their ways are not working!  If the Empire is to survive against the Republic, we have to get away from this impression that we’re all monsters!  We’re not!  We don’t have to be!  Revan knew that-he wielded both sides of the Force in his lifetime.  His legacy seems to still be touching my life-thanks to the Infinite Engine’s seed he left on Nar Shadda.  I learn more about the man, and the more I learn, the more I realize that the Dark Side is, by its very nature, limiting.  I need to understand more-I need to understand him more.

I’ll have to fit that in between planets.  It doesn’t help that Lord Kallig’s spirit has been telling me that Darth Zash wants to kill me….”

-from Sorshan’s Story

When I made the choice to run a Sith Inquisitor as a Light-Side character in Star Wars: The Old Republic during the Dark vs. Light event, I assumed that I’d be hacking off the Sith tremendously.  I never thought that the people who would really be irritated by my decisions would be the Imperial military!  Yet that is exactly what seems to be happening-I think I ran into one Imperial officer who actually approved of a Light Side choice.  (Okay, and one that sent a letter afterward saying I did the smart move after all, but that wasn’t what I’d gotten from him in person.)

Naturally, my choices in the past would have sunk Khem Val’s affection so far into the negative numbers that I’d have to blow up several worlds for laughs just to get back to zero.  Thankfully, due to the changes in the Companion reactions, even disapprovals get me influence.  But I like to imagine that Khem thinks, “How in all the nether hells did I wind up bound to this particular Sith?  Why couldn’t I be bound to a psychopath?”

I revel in Khem’s disapprovals.

Anyhow, this puts Nar Shadda in the “completed” column, and after a minor interlude where Sorshan dealt with Lord Kallig’s ghost and getting his old mask-yeah, that’s worth remarking on.  I don’t know when it happened, maybe it was because I wasn’t paying attention, but Lord Kallig’s Mask is now a bound-to-Legacy item.  I hadn’t noticed that before-my other Inquisitors have the “hide helmet” option on, as does Sorshan, and after the whole Appearance Tab thing, I don’t even pay that close attention to it anymore.  I don’t even know if any of my characters are wearing it as gear-although I know I wouldn’t have vendored it.  But since it was a reward for completing this stage of Chapter One, it jumped out at me.  Kind of makes me wonder what else is out there on the various characters that might’ve mutated to Bind-To-Legacy?

Halfway through Chapter One at this point, with Tatooine ahead-where Sorshan will have to deal with the Thing Czerka Found as well as meeting her next future companion.  If she was looking to find someone who shared her worldview, she’s gonna have to wait longer-Andronikos isn’t exactly “Mr. Compassionate”.


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