SS: Joining the Order


“I suppose I knew the moment I met Darth Skotia that I was going to kill him.

In some ways, you could look at it as self-defense.  He sent his minions to kill me before I left Korriban-which didn’t work out well for him.  Then he threatened me personally along with Lord Zash when I arrived on Dromund Kaas.  His insistence on continuing to refer to me as a slave just made the inevitable easier.  He was opposing Lord Zash’s plans-which she has yet to reveal to me fully-which led Lord Zash to decide to have him killed.  I’m still processing the fact that I, a mere apprentice, defeated a Darth-with the able assistance of Khem Val.  I did this.  And now, his position and title belong to the newly elevated Darth Zash.

While she could not recognize me publicly for what I had done, she could reward me with the greatest gift I have ever received:  a starship of my own.  It’s not the ship itself that is the great gift to me-it’s what the ship represents to me.


I can go anywhere in the galaxy.  I can act as I wish.  For the first time in my memory, I can travel without restriction.  I’m free.

But I am pulled in many directions.  A spirit in the Dark Temple has claimed kinship with me, claiming to be my ancestor.  Another spirit has given me teachings that contradict the Code of the Sith, while the Order of Revan has opened my eyes to the belief that the Force is best understood if you comprehend both its light side and its dark.  It is the latter which gives me pause; I have joined these Revanites, because in them I see the potential for greater understanding.  It doesn’t hurt that, aside from Darth Zash, most of the Sith I have met are needlessly sadistic bullies.  Surely it takes more to rule an Empire!   Is it truly necessary to fall back on fear and hate for everything we do?  I don’t have an answer to that question-not yet.

For now, of course, I still follow the commands of Darth Zash.  She has so much to teach, and I have much to learn.  In her service, I will become stronger-and nobody will ever call me slave again.  And with time, I will find the answers I seek-not on Dromund Kaas, but out amongst the stars.”

-from Sorshan’s Story

It’s another planet complete in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Sorshan’s journey from the Dark Side to the Light continues-and already I’m at level 25 with her, so I’m roughly on schedule.  I also ran through Black Talon, and further cemented her with Light Side choices.  So far, nothing major has come of those choices; most of those have been on non-class specific storylines.  The fun stuff won’t begin until I start getting those choices on the main storyline for the Inquisitor.

Of course, there’s an amusing side effect from making such choices.  Khem Val, the Inquisitor’s first companion, has been racking up those “Khem Val Disapproves” statements.  If these were the old days where we had to worry about Companion Affection, he’d be driving straight down into those negative numbers right now.  But thanks to the conversion to Influence, every disapproval actually increases my Influence on Khem.  I guess this is one of those “I hate every choice you make, but I will die for you” sort of deals.

As with Anthrandos (at least his early career), I’ve been hitting every mission I could, save for Heroics.  As experience points are the only big driver for the character, I can afford to take my time on the storylines.  I’m tentatively holding off on the Boarding Party/Foundry Flashpoints until I complete Chapter One, but that’s really the only thing that I’m worried about from a content standpoint-and in a pinch, I will probably just go to Fleet and run them ahead of schedule, because the rate I’m going, Sorshan’s level will be up to the task of doing those Flashpoints.

One of the more convenient details on the planetary storyline was that Imperials could-with a Light Side choice-join the Order of Revan and remain loyal to it, sacrificing a Darth to preserve their secret.  Like that won’t come back to bite Sorshan!  I freely admit that I’ve set that up to see what she’ll do when the Revanites meet their maker and upgrade to a galactic threat.  Admittedly, I’ve seen that sort of thing before with other characters-I’ve had a couple Light Side sort of Imperials-but none with the Inquisitor’s point of view.  Plus, there’s the whole thing with the Foundry….

Balmorra’s next on the list, so it’ll be time to see how Sorshan conquers a planet!  I figure that’ll be done by the end of the weekend, but we’ll see how it shakes out.


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