SS: Peace Is A Lie…


Peace is a lie; there is only passion.  I was taken from my family at a young age; I cannot remember them.  My entire life has been one of slavery.  When I fought, I was beaten.  So I learned to fight in quieter ways-and let my hate towards the slave-masters grow.  But chance favored me:  I was found to have a spark of the Force within me, and so I was taken from my ‘masters’ and sent to Korriban for training as a Sith.

Through passion, I gain strength.  The testing was not easy.  Harkun, the Overseer, was determined that I not overstep myself.  He reminded me at every turn that I had been a slave, and was determined to see me die.  But my hate-now directed toward him-refused to let me surrender.  Where he wanted subservience, I offered obstinacy.  When he wanted sadism, I offered mercy.  When he wanted respect, I offered him disrespect.  So he sent me on impossible tasks, where no Sith had ever succeeded in thousands of years.

Through strength, I gain power.  In all of these cases, he failed.  He only allowed me to take that spark of Force and grow it.  Despite his best attempts, my power grew, rising to the tasks he set before me.  Harkun would not see it-would not let himself see it.  But Lord Zash saw it, and encouraged it.

Through power, I gain victory.  Harkun ultimately failed to break me-or perhaps he succeeded in forging me as a Sith.  His words and his actions before and after my defeat of his pet seem very different.  Was he the crucible?  Or is he just a petty man who only wields the power granted to him by his betters?  I do not know.  I do not care.  I offered him the greatest insult I could-to put him in my past, as I head toward my future.

Through victory, my chains are broken.  Now my past as a slave is behind, my time of trial on Korriban is behind.  I now serve Lord Zash willingly, joyfully, for I am not her slave, but her apprentice.  I will learn what she has to teach, become stronger in the Force and in knowledge.  A new life is ahead, and I can’t wait to see what lies before me.  Even now, I travel to Dromund Kaas, and a future filled with potential.

The Force has freed me.”

-from Sorshan’s Story

With the Epic of Anthrandos done (for now), it’s time to start a new story to complete the Light Vs. Dark event in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I’ve gone with the Light side.  Now it’s time for a walk on the Dark Side-so to speak.

Sorshan was my randomly determined character for the Sith, just as Anthrandos was for the Jedi.  The big determination, of course, is the fact that I’m firmly pushing towards the Light Side rewards for the event, and I’d already done a fairly Light Side Sith Warrior (although he’s made enough Dark Side choices that meant he’d never get to max Light Side points).  So I had gone in with the determination that Sorshan would be an Inquisitor.

I will cheerfully admit that I’m curious as to how the most arguably evil class in SWTOR will deal with Light Side choices.  The very name “Inquisitor” isn’t exactly one that brings to mind puppies and unicorns.  The exemplar of the class could be seen as Emperor Palpatine from the original Star Wars saga.  (No, Darth Maul was not an Inquisitor; I don’t care that he used a double bladed saber which is only used by Sith Assassins in this game-Maul was never that big on Force usage.  Warrior all the way.)  And all the Force powers sure bring the Dark Side to mind-so it’s going to be quite a trip to see what happens with Sorshan.

All that said, she hasn’t made many Light Side choices as of yet.  The big choices have been mostly Dark or no choice.  So I’ve avoided selecting Dark Side moves so far.  That said, there have been a couple, so I’ve started establishing her as a different sort of Inquisitor.  We’ll see how that pans out as we go along.

I avoided making an Advanced Class choice until I got to Fleet, since I’m old-school that way.  Ignoring the fact that Sorshan was well over level 10 before she completed Korriban, of course.  The ol’ random determination put her as a Sith Sorcerer with a bent toward Lightning, which should be fun.  All problems can be solved if you hit it with enough lightning.  Every problem can be solved if you hit it with enough lightning.  (I know, untrue, but it sounds good.)

The next step for her is to run Black Talon-even though, for my purposes, it’s not necessary.  But then, I’ve reached a point now where nothing is actually necessary other than racking up experience points, because all the story goals for the event have been met-at least, as far as my target tier is concerned.  I’m no way going to bother with the top tier.  I want to enjoy the experience, not blindly rush six other characters through the leveling experience.

The big targets remaining in that respect are:  the Boarding Party Flashpoint (I don’t actually need to do Foundry, but will anyway), and reaching level 65.  Since those are the only targets, I plan to once again try to hit every planet’s quest-because this time, I only need xp, and pretty much everything I do will get me that.  I’ll get to the end of the story when I get there.  I will be assisted in this by liberal use of the xp-boosts I get as a subscriber as rewards for assorted quests.  I’ve tended to ignore them, since the leveling thing hasn’t been important to me in the past.  But I’m on a deadline here, so even if I plan to do the whole story, getting to level 65 is better earlier than later.

So let’s see how a Light-Side aligned Sith Inquisitor does in an environment where everything is telling her to go Dark.  Should be a fun ride.


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