EoA: Wakey Wakey


“So much has changed.  Five years ago, I confronted Emperor Valkorion of the Eternal Empire.  I struck him down, but in doing so, I was rendered helpless and frozen.  If not for Lana, I would have been a decoration for as long as the Eternal Empire endured.  I return to a galaxy changed by Zakuul; a Sith Empire in chaos, a Galactic Republic cowed.  And I…I am not alone in my head.  Valkorion’s final act was not to simply fade into the Force, but to relocate into my own mind.

I can hear him even now.  ‘Why write this story?  Historians will do so after you have taken your place upon the Throne.’

Valkorion doesn’t get it.  Neither do the others:  Lana, Senya, Koth, Theron.  I have no interest in rule.  I am a Jedi Knight.  My duty is to serve, not to rule.  I may command in times of extremity, but it is not my place to control the galaxy.  No single being should.  This is why the Republic is strong-the voice of many charting a course that will go on for centuries to come.

Provided Emperor Arcann and High Justice Vaylin don’t destroy everything first.  They seem aware of Valkorion’s presence in my mind, and seem to be willing to stop at nothing to destroy me-and through me, their father.  I don’t know what Arcann’s been doing in the interim-I don’t understand why he attacked the Core Worlds, or the Empire; I don’t know why he’s demanding tributes from these worlds.  But someone has to take a stand against them, and thanks to Lana’s maneuvering, that someone must be me.

The Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic are in chaos.  The Dark Council has been silenced, and the Jedi Order is scattered.  My responsibility-my duty-is clear.  I will lead this alliance.  I will defeat Arcann.  I can do no less as a Jedi Knight.”

-from the Epic of Anthrandos

The end is coming up fast now.  I’ve wrapped the first nine chapters of the Knights of the Fallen Empire story in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and things are falling into place for the Light vs. Dark event tiers.

A new tier was completed with the finish of these chapters, which-shocker!-had a bunch of duplicates of armor parts I wasn’t fond of.  (Damn you, Darth Sion!)  I did manage to get a different Ceremonial armor part, so it’s always possible the next set of packs might actually allow me to complete a collection.  It could happen!  Also had an assortment of weapons-mostly assault cannons, which most of my characters can’t use (and for that matter, most of the companions-particularly since the devs changed Jorgan’s weapon with KotFE).  Thankfully, I didn’t get duplicate color crystals this time around.  So, nothing to write home about, but I’ll figure out who gets what gear at some point.

I did get the experience of the new interface for opening packs now, and for the most part, I’m not impressed.  There is an aspect, though, that I’m a big fan of:  the idea of the items opened going into an “item stash”, which is Legacy wide.  That means I can open with, for example, Anthrandos, but claim the items on Coreth.  Once the item is claimed, it’ll be bound to that character; this may be different for regular Cartel Packs, since they allow sale of their items, but the Light Vs. Dark packs are supposed to be bound on pickup, so this item stash redeems a helluva lot for this event.

Looking at the next tier, I’ve got my Alliance Alerts taken care of-although I think a bug may be involved, because I only have four new companions from the Alerts:  Nico, Blizz, Yuun (who technically wasn’t an Alert), and Bowdarr (who I don’t actually have, because I haven’t gotten his Influence to 10 yet).  But somehow, the achievement was unlocked.  So, shrug.  I did, however, manage to complete Round Five of the Eternal Championship to get that requirement nailed down.  Things are looking good to reach my target goals, if I don’t fall down on the job when my Sith Inquisitor starts up in earnest.  As it’s not unreasonable to assume that I may be completing the Epic by Tuesday, it won’t be long before a new set of posts start coming up.

For Anthrandos, the end is nigh!


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