EoA: The Shadow Lifts


“I’m not sure if I can call our conflict at Yavin IV a victory; I don’t know that I can call it a defeat.

Revan is fallen, and at peace now.  His strange tale is seemingly at an end.  But the Sith Emperor has been reborn-although Lana refuses to call him ‘Emperor’ anymore.  Still, Darth Marr found it strange that he did not take a new body.  I’m more disturbed than I like to think about by the fact that Marr seems to have a working understanding on how the Emperor operates.

It was strange.  For a brief time, the Republic and the Empire worked together to stop a threat to both.  In the process, I’ve spoken with Imperial troops that in past days I would have cut down as they opened fire upon me.  They are not so different, perhaps, than the Republic troops.  There are bad seeds, but then, I’d be lying if I said the Republic had no such-Colonel Darok was proof enough of that, at the very least.

And then there’s Lana and Marr.  Lana could almost be a Jedi, if not for her habits of keeping secrets and being willing to sacrifice anyone for her goals.  Marr, for all his intimidating presence, doesn’t let his emotions rule him; he’s a thinker, and that makes him the most dangerous Sith I’ve ever met.  Still, there’s some honor in him; when the battle was over, something unprecedented happened.  The Empire and the Republic left the field of battle in peace.

It’s foolish to think that this would ever happen again.  We’re too different, our philosophies too diametrically opposed to ever leave the other alone for good.  I can’t imagine another threat large enough to bring a repeat of this cooperation-save for the Emperor himself, of course.  But…the possibility of an end to war, and a real peace?  That’s a future worth considering.

My own future seems to be straightforward as well.  I’ve been named Battlemaster of the Jedi Order, and training others in the skills of the Force in regards to lightsaber combat will be my destiny.  At least, it will be, once I have completed the ultimate test:  defeat the Emperor, once and for all…”

-from the Epic of Anthrandos

Well, Yavin sure went quickly.

I think in some ways the various events and releases have helped out; there weren’t many people on Yavin to compete with for those “take out x of y opponents” missions, so I didn’t have to wait ceaselessly for new spawns.  That’s a pretty big deal as far as time use goes.  I was able to get all of the Yavin missions done in a single night.  (You’d think I’d have done it eight times before or something….)

It’s sort of a shame, really.  Yavin has repeatable missions, for the reputation grind, so that gives a reason to come back, but the sparse number of players I encountered there indicates that for most, perhaps, the grind is over.  There are a couple of Alliance Alerts for Knights of the Fallen Empire that take place on Yavin, which at least gives it a bit more travel value, but that’s a one-time thing.  That’s a limitation of the design, unfortunately; even with the planetary level scaling, there’s only so much territory on Yavin-it’s not a huge planet in comparison with Coruscant, or Dromund Kaas, or Corellia.  (Still beats Quesh, though.)  If not for the current storyline in the game, I’d sort of like to see Yavin expanded out with new areas for missions-heck, I’d like to see Quesh expanded out:  like I said, that’s one tiny planet.  Not likely to happen:  the nature of the KotFE and the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne are likely to bring new planets, even if they’re only a small map or for a single mission or two, and that isn’t necessarily bad.  I still sort of want to see Naboo show up sometime, for example.  But it’s a big galaxy-and Star Wars has covered a load of planets.  New ones aren’t bad at all.

I’ve decided that I’ll hit Ziost after all; the main questline won’t take me all that long, and I don’t plan to do the side quests or the various repeatable missions.  It’s amusing to note that once I put the Sith through Ziost, I’ll finally have enough of the local currency drops to purchase the animal mount there for some character.  I’ll have to give some thought as to who would make sense to ride a huge beast.  KotFE awaits, and may get it started as soon as this weekend (depending on how the group finder cooperates with those last two tactical Flashpoints).

As a final aside:  I don’t think I’ve done so much posting in such a short period of time since I started blogging way back in the Star Wars Galaxy days.  With the Inquisitor’s journey and my work on Captain Masters in Star Trek Online (no, I haven’t forgotten him!), this streak could go on for quite a bit.


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