EoA: Flashpointpalooza


“The last weeks have been exhausting.

Belsavis:  a prison world where the Emperor hoped to destroy using ancient Rakata reactors to crack the planet open.  I was just in time to prevent that, although I was greatly bothered by the Republic’s use of this world as a prison-even though that seems to have been the Rakata’s use of the world as well.  Between entire species being held there and the descendants of those imprisoned being trapped there as well…I was not happy with the situation.  My hope is that the Republic will shine the light of truth upon the planet and act.

Voss:  a world guided by Force sensitive Mystics.  Grand Master Shan was concerned enough to warn me specifically about them, but I found them to be a noble people in their own way.  I will always regret the sacrifice to stop Sel-Makor, but I don’t regret stopping the Emperor’s agent from releasing what I can only call a mind-plague upon the Voss and Gormak to kill the people of the world through madness.

Corellia:  Perhaps the most straightforward of the Emperor’s attempt to exterminate a world’s population, through the use of war.  But I never doubted that he would be stopped-for never before have I seen so many lives that I have touched return to aid in this hour of need.  Morr.  Praven.  Suthra.  Godera.  Kiwiiks.  Aharo.  All these I had given my trust-and now see that trust fulfilled in full measure.  But Corellia gave us more than victory over the Emperor’s attempt at planetary murder.

For as I attempted to stop the Emperor, I found and recovered the Jedi strike force who had been captured with me on that ill-fated mission-Jedi turned by the Emperor’s will.  I helped Master Naheez and captured Master Sedoru; but it was Master Braga, who was broken by the Emperor’s victory and had turned willingly to the Dark Side, who revealed the Emperor’s location on the world of Dromund Kaas.  It was there that I fought the Emperor one last time-and won.  The Sith Emperor is dead.

Or is he?  Lord Scourge remains unconvinced, and an encounter that Kira and I had with one of the Emperor’s Children bothers me, for she can still hear his voice.  It seems far fetched…except I have seen the spirit of Master Din and the Jedi Exile exist beyond death, as well as a trio of Voss Mystics at their Shrine of Healing.  Sel-Makor seemed to be more spirit than physical.  Is it beyond reason to wonder if the Sith Emperor’s spirit lives on?

I fear for the future if it does.”

-from the Epic of Anthrandos

Well, this is what panic will do to you.  When you realize that your current pace on leveling and going through content might prevent getting to the goal of the fifth tier in the Light Vs Dark event in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you start accelerating the pace dramatically.  In this case:  burn through Chapter Three by only doing the class quests.  I wasn’t horribly concerned on the level standpoint.  I was already at level 60 going in, and I had heaps of xp boosters from the previous missions.  I may be more leisurely when I get to my Sith since leveling is sort of independent of story that way, and by then I’ll have nailed down pretty much all of the story targets for those Achievements.

So:  I burned through Chapter Three.  It goes a LOT faster when you only focus on class quests.

I also chose to ignore Ilum for the most part, because there’s nothing on Ilum to work at for the Achievements, with two notable and linked exceptions.  Likewise, Makeb and Oricon will be thrown to the wolves on the altar of getting this done.  The way I see it, I’ve got two months to get to my target and I couldn’t guarantee I would do that if I kept my pace of just “doing every possible mission I saw”.  I’ll probably return to that with the Sith, but I need to get at least one character through all of KotFE, and it makes sense that I have it done by Anthrandos.

I also spent the weekend doing a lot of Flashpoints.  Lots and lots of them.  First came the Battle of Ilum and False Emperor, those aforementioned stops at Ilum.  Those could be done solo, so I was never worried about them.  Then I did Directive 7 with the droid revolt, because I realized I’d forgotten that I needed to get that one down, and it was also a solo FP.  Then I proceeded to the Czerka Offices-which I’d never done before-and that run went reasonably well; hell, for the first time in an age, I was in a group that had something other than four DPS:  in fact, I was it!  We had two healers and a tank as well.  It was something else.  Then came Kuat Drive Yards, which I’d also never done before.  This one’s unique because you actually have two parts that are randomly determined from a larger pool, and then have a random final boss.  I was glad that most of the folks in this one had done it before, because I’d have gotten lost even with the research I’d done on it first.

To my surprise, Colicoid War Games wasn’t on the list.  In hindsight, I think it got disabled in the game for some reason or another; but that was one less than I had to worry about.  So now I have but two more Tactical FPs to worry about-Czerka Meltdown and Red Reaper, both of which I’ve never done.  But I’m feeling a lot better about my chances.

I closed things out with the four solo FPs that are the prelude to the Shadow of Revan-the invasion of Korriban, the liberation of Tython, the assault on Manaan, and Rakata Prime.  By the time I’d finished all that, I was more than ready to call it a weekend!  I’ve done some additional research, and it’s looking like I may not need to do Ziost for the tier I’m working toward for the event, so if I’m correct in that, I’ll likely go directly from the Shadow of Revan expansion to the Knights of the Fallen Empire one; we’ll see how that goes.  I feel like I’m on track again, though-if things go well, I should close out Anthrandos by month’s end as far as story content goes, and can get started on the Imperial character to push to 65.  I should be able to do that in a single month.  Crossing fingers!


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