EoA: Suicide Squad


“After acquiring a floorplan for the Emperor’s Fortress on Hoth, Sergeant Rusk was assigned to my ship for the duration of what the Republic believes to be the upcoming conflict with the Sith Empire.  My hope at the time was that it wouldn’t be long-after all, Master Braga hoped to redeem the Sith Emperor.  Rusk seemed to have a problem with keeping his troops alive-or at least keeping them intact.  But he follows orders and has a will to succeed that I’ve rarely seen elsewhere.

I wish…I wish that had made any difference at all.

Masters Braga, Sedoru, Narezz and I, along with T7, assaulted the Fortress.  The Sith there were no match for us.  I confronted the Emperor’s Wrath once more, and overcame him in single combat.  We reached the Emperor.

He was too strong for us.  Too strong.

…I don’t remember much about the period of time between our defeat and my reawakening thanks to the spirit of Master Din.  I remember flashes…before falling back into darkness.  I was not myself.  I…don’t like to think about what happened in that time.  I don’t believe I ever left the Fortress as I was brought deeper into Darkness.  But when my mind was reawakened, I was able to shake off the Dark and free Kira from torture-and from there, we made our way to the hangar where one final surprise awaited.  Lord Scourge, the Wrath, had freed the rest of my companions, and was throwing his support behind me-because he knew of the Emperor’s dark plans.  He asked to be taken to Tython to reveal that dark secret, and reluctantly, I agreed.

The Emperor’s plan was almost beyond imagining; horror beyond imagining.”

-from the Epic of Anthrandos

Ah, Hoth.  Nice, big ball of ice.  And apparently the home of lots of pirates and crashed starships.  Guess a few thousand years buried everything again under ice.  And it got colder.  No worries-in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the ice planet is a hub of activity, and for the Jedi Knight, it’s the location of the final piece of the puzzle to get at the Sith Emperor.

Hoth didn’t take as long as I remembered, from back in the day.  Of course, I’ve done these things so many times; it’s not the same as when you’re doing something for the first time.  Even with grabbing missions that I see, it’s still going pretty quickly.  With the end of Chapter Two, I’ve picked up my last two companions (of the main story, anyway), Scourge and Rusk.  So that’s three characters to divvy up the Influence.  Presuming I don’t want to crank up Kira and T7’s even further.  Decisions, decisions.

Also with the end of Chapter Two, I’ve hit level 60.  Five more levels to max level.  This sort of thing has me looking ahead to the next steps after Chapter Three ends.  If I’m not at 65 by then, I’ll eat my shoes.  (Especially since I have Flashpoints that I’ve neglected.)  The Light Vs. Dark event achievements do not, interestingly, include work on Makeb or Oricon-at least, not to the tiers I’m working toward.  Accordingly, I will likely immediately start up on Shadow of Revan, through to Ziost, and finally the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline.

Well, maybe not immediately.  I’m equally likely to decide that the end of Chapter Three would be a good time for me to start up on the Inquisitor side of things.  I technically only have to get her to level 65 and the Empire-specific Flashpoints to achieve all I want to for the event-but I’m likely to push her to the same point as Anthrandos.  I do expect to start only doing the class quests, though, since time is beginning to look like it might be a factor.


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