EoA: What’s Up, Doc?


“The plan of Master Braga to confront the Sith Emperor began with a mission to Balmorra to find a cloaking device similar to the one concealing the Emperor’s fortress around Dromund Kaas.  The idea was to reverse engineer it to allow us to penetrate the concealment of the fortress-but first, we had to recover it from the war-torn planet.

The plan was simple, but there has been a Resistance on Balmorra that’s been struggling to throw the Empire off of their planet-and very few of them were happy with the Republic and its hands-off policy there.  In order to gain their trust and support, I assisted in protecting one of their hospitals in Bugtown, and made the acquaintance of a man named ‘Doc’.  He’s an…interesting person.  But I can’t deny his skills as a doctor or his compassion.  He may have an ego the size of a gas giant, but I sense that his heart is just as great.

I’m afraid that I clashed a bit with the military leadership on Balmorra.  General Madine was unhappy with some of the calls I made, but acknowledged that perhaps he had lost some sight into the reason we fight.  This attitude has filtered down to the troops; I hope that my words and actions have shown that there is a better way than destroying the planet to save it.

The acquisition of the prototype, in truth, was the simplest part of my time on Balmorra-and I leave this world with a new member of the crew:  Doc has become disillusioned with the leadership of the Resistance, and hoped to be a part of something more.  The challenge now at hand is keeping Kira from choking him to death in his sleep.  This is why the Jedi urge detachment….”

-from the Epic of Anthrandos

I have to admit:  I love Balmorra.  Not so much the missions, or even the planet itself, honestly-it’s the musical composition for the world.  I don’t really speak much about the music on Balmorra, but it has some of the best segments of music in the game, in my opinion.  It sells the atmosphere and character of the planet.

As I was doing the missions here, I managed to hit the one million credit threshold for one of the Light Vs Dark achievements, so that’s one less thing to worry about.  I promptly spent a chunk of it expanding inventory space; I’ll do stuff like that.  I’m sure that I’ll have a sizable stash of credits before Anthrandos is done-I’m undecided as to if I’ll use it to grab the Tatooine stronghold, or if I’ll finally break down and pick up the Treek Ewok companion for a character.  Or-if past history is any indication-I’ll find something shiny on the GTN terminals and blow the credits on that.  It’s a wonder I ever got to a million with my attitudes towards credits.

Adding Doc to the roster will slow down the Influence ranking of Kira and T7-although both are now double the rank that my “regular” characters had at the end of the class stories.  (If you look at the rank as of the beginning of Chapter Two, they sort of blow away the equivalent amount of affection back in the day.)  Once I finish filling up the roster, I’ll be interested to see where everyone eventually falls out as far as Influence.  I’m especially looking forward to Lord Scourge, since my main Jedi character had his affection so far down in the negative numbers that it wasn’t funny.  Now that there’s no negative affection, even disapprovals increase Influence-and man, with my stated “Light Side only” philophy, I’ll be raking in those disapprovals!

Speaking of the Light Side, I hit rank 4 in my Light Side Force ratings.  I’d actually not been paying much attention-but I’m certainly still doing my part in the event to help the Light win it.

If it seems like that Epic’s posts are coming fast and furious…well, that’s because I’m beginning to go a bit faster and more furious.  Not having an identified deadline for the event is a fair chunk of pressure, and again, I’ll run into a delay point when the next Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter lands.  That’s why I’ve started skipping missions at this point; my leveling speed is beyond disgusting, and I’ve barely touched my xp boosts.  I’ll be at 65 before my class story is done.  Just wait.  Likewise, I’ve chosen to ignore the bonus missions if they are available.  I still have heaps of Flashpoints ahead, with at least five that I’ve never done before.  Quesh is next on the list, and it’s a very small planet in comparison with the others in the main game; it won’t be long before I’m writing up the next post on that (expect Wednesday-how’s that for scary?).  If all goes really well, I could see wrapping up Chapter Two before the end of the week.

Man, it sure seems that Chapter Two went faster than One.


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