EoA: Return of the Jedi…or Sith? Or Both?


“My journey to Balmorra was interrupted by a contact from Master Oteg, who asked for my aid in a mission of grave importance:  a powerful Jedi was imprisoned by the Sith Emperor, one who could single-handedly turn the tide of the war.  Given the mission that Master Braga was encouraging, I felt that another powerful Jedi could be of great help, so I chose to assist Master Oteg…and in the process, I’ve met what could only be described as legends.

Of course, it was no easy task.  I had to acquire a Gree navigational computer on Taral V, so that we could navigate the Maelstrom Nebula to the Imperial prison there.  It was difficult enough to gain access to the computer, but I was dogged by an old foe:  Grand Moff Kilran.  I didn’t meet him in person on Taral V, although he did attempt to bury me alive.  But Imperial fortresses are built tough-I was able to get what I needed.

The Emperor’s prison was a journey into his madness; Sith and elite troopers attempted to stop me, along with beasts twisted by the Dark Side and war droids of a design I’d not seen.  Kilran himself confronted me before a hologram of Darth Malgus, and despite his considerable abilities, I was able to defeat him and free the prisoner.

His name is Revan-the same one spoken of in legend.  The spirit that had guided Oteg and I had been known as the Jedi Exile, from similar legends.  With such allies, the war against the Sith Empire will surely turn the Republic’s way, even though Revan has told me that he chooses to use an alternative method using a place known as “the Foundry”.  I wish I could have told him about Master Braga’s plan to turn the Emperor, but I also have my own path to walk-and it leads me not to this Foundry, but to Balmorra, a world torn by war….”

-from the Epic of Anthrandos

Most Flashpoints I’ve done get folded into posts on a planet, but the “Jedi Prisoner” arc deserves its own, seeing as it is pretty much the tie between the parent games of Star Wars: The Old Republic-Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic II.  The major protagonists of those games make their return in the two FP’s, Taral V and Maelstrom Prison.  Because of this, there’s more story in these FPs than in the previous ones save Esseles.  (You can expect similar for the Sith perspective when I get to that.)

The other detail on these FPs is that they are available as Solo FPs, so I didn’t have to worry about a group of all-DPS characters, or anyone dropping out, or anything like that.  These were also some of the few FPs that I’ve done a LOT, thanks to that solo nature and my willingness to run them with multiple characters, so I was pretty up on what was needed to survive and defeat the bosses (which, admittedly, isn’t as complex as the ones you’ll see in Tactical FPs).

The biggest deal from it, of course, is that it also filled the requirements to run these FPs for the next tier in the Light Vs Dark event, and thus I got some new gamble packs and a few Legacy armor pieces (which means that armor can be shared with other characters).  Nothing worth mentioning in the packs-a few armor pieces, mostly lower although I got Darth Sion’s upper-a blaster, a third copy of the same lightsaber crystal I’d gotten twice before in the first set, and a speeder that I don’t believe I’ve gotten before.  Now, all of these are not bind to legacy, but bind on pickup:  in other words, I can’t ship these off to a different character.  Depending on the situation, though, they can be used as collection unlocks, which would allow all characters on my account to use them.  The exception here is the armor, as they require the entire armor sets to be acquired before they can be account unlocked.  The good news is that the other pieces of the armor can be acquired via GTN from their original packs (albeit at likely obscene prices) and be considered the same armor for unlock purposes.  Why I’d care to get the rest of Sion’s armor is beyond me, of course (I’m not a fan of it; mileage, as always, may vary).

This means, of course, that things really suck if you want to unlock these armors; but that’s probably why the devs released the Light Vs Dark gamble packs in the Cartel Market as well not long after the event started.  This would give the opportunity to get those remaining armor pieces.  Not on my plans, however; I’m pretty much done with the gamble pack purchases, preferring to use my Cartel Coins on other things.  I’m not bitter or anything on that, though-I mean, in the end, these packs for going up a tier in the event are free stuff; I can’t really complain about free stuff.  I can give the blasters to companions, the armor to companions (I expect Lord Scourge will eventually be so thrilled to be wearing Sion’s hand-me-down’s), and at this point I’m likely to slap the crystals on Kira’s and Scourge’s lightsabers (I’m sure Scourge will be thrilled by THAT, too-he’d hate those blue-white saber blades!).

Next on the list is Balmorra, where cloaking devices and heaps of weapons make their home!


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