EoA: A Game Of…Well, You Know


“The society of Alderaan is a very different one than what I was accustomed to.  It was one of Great Houses and kingdoms, where other worlds have governors and democracies.  I had come to Alderaan to find and aid my former Master, only to discover he was tracking Darth Angral on his own.  While I was able to deal with the final weapon that General Var Suthra had been concerned about-the Death Mark-and assist in defeating a corrupt king, I could not save my Master from Darth Angral.

And then, on top of that, the disaster at Uphrades wore at my soul.  Angral’s hate doomed a world, and I was too late to stop that, too.

But at the last, I could confront Angral on his home ground, and in the end, Angral paid the final price for his evil.  But more importantly to me, Kira cast out the influence of the Sith Emperor that attempted to compel her to slay me.  In that moment, she cast out her fears of darkness and showed that she was a true Jedi-and I pushed for the Jedi Council to recognize that.  No longer my Padawan, now an equal partner as a Jedi Knight.

Now, I can mourn the passing of Master Din.  Not for his death, for as the Code teaches, there is no death-there is the Force.  But for the absence in my life that has resulted.  I will remember his teachings, and compassion, his humor, and I will honor him in this.  And then I will go on.

There is no death.  There is the Force.”

-from the Epic of Anthrandos

A nicely productive weekend had me get through Alderaan fairly easily.  And in the process, as predicted, I reached level 50 during the final mission of Chapter One.  Yep.  Level 50.  Chapter One.  That said, I wonder if I’ve used the same amount of actual playing time to achieve that; it’s easy to say that “oh, there’s two thirds of the class story to go” and gripe about already being at the original top level.  But, truth is, it’s more important to look at the playing time.  If I had burned through just class missions and planetary arcs only, I might be further along and have started the Knights of the Fallen Empire stuff by now.  (I know that, in fact-I’ve done a lot of leveling work when I was going for my “all 16 advanced classes” bit.)  I’m only finishing Chapter One by choice, in other words.  And I’m still skipping stuff, since I’m not really doing Heroic missions, and I’ve missed at least one planet’s bonus missions-possibly two.

By reaching Level 50, I’ve gotten closer to another rung on the list of Light Vs Dark event.  I still need to do a pair of Flashpoints:  the Jedi Prisoner arc.  Conveniently, that’s the next pair on my list!  So the next post will be dedicated to those Flashpoints, and will likely be a fairly short post.  Probably.  At that point, I can try out the new interface the devs put together for opening their gamble packs.  (I can’t believe they spent time on that.  Seriously.)

I’ll mention at this point that, due to normal leveling, I have two companions who are closing in on 20 influence.  The reason I mention this is to illustrate my vast irritation that companions of my other characters-who had several maxed out affection prior to Knights of the Fallen Empire-were set to 10 influence.  Chapter One has two companions that have blown that number away-a number it took me a great deal of time and gifting to get to.  So if I am seen gritting my teeth together anytime I speak of companion influence, this is why.  Just the sort of thing to make me want to go berserk…repeatedly.  I’ve divided up my influence work between T7 and Kira, so they’re reasonably close together.  I know that if I wanted to max out my future a bit, I’d go harder with T7 since he’s the only Jedi Knight companion that returns during KotFE, but that’s just not how I operate.

It’s also worth noting that next week shows the finale of the KotFE, which means the Epic will be derailed for a little while as I put my primary characters through the Battle of Odessen.  Obviously, I’ll have a post for that as well.  Then the wait will begin for the Knights of the Eternal Throne (did I ever mention that was confirmed?  It was).  But at least I’ll have the Epic here to fill that time-not to mention that I have an Inquisitor to work on as well.  I haven’t heard an end date yet for the Light Vs Dark event yet, and I’m hoping that time doesn’t run out on me.


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