AoY: The Klingon War, Part the Second


This is not a good place to be at this exact time….

Personal Log, Stardate 94190.18

It’s been a painful experience in many ways.  Up until recently, I didn’t have to do much as a “Temporal Agent”; I’ve uncovered a number of Na’kuhl probes, of course, but for the most part, I just acted as a Starfleet Officer most of the time.  I’ve done the job well enough-was transferred to a science vessel called the Novi, and promoted to Captain.  I didn’t ask why I’d gotten promoted so fast.  The answer is in the casualty figures in the war.  There’s talk about another ship transfer soon-that the Novi is basically a placeholder for now-but I’m not paying it any mind.

I returned to the past three times now.  Twice to Drozana, where I more or less closed the loop on those odd looks I got when I first met Dr. McCoy and Commander Scott at Spacedock, back in the 23rd.  And once via the Guardian of Forever, which answered ultimately the whole question of why the Klingons look so different now than they had in my day.  It hurt going back, and hurt worse having to return.  If I could change time enough to make it so the Champion was never lost….

But that’s not going to happen, is it?  History demands that we be considered dead at Caleb IV, so there’s no going back.  And a select portion of my crew and I get to keep living a lie.  I wonder what would’ve happened if I just punched Daniels out when he told us what was going to happen.

I’m a little drunk, making me morose.  I swiped some of that nerve tonic on Drozana before returning to the future.  Better than synthale.

I don’t know what to think about the Klingons anymore.  They’re bloodthirsty savages who kill at the drop of a hat.  But they’re honorable warriors who will let their enemies go if they’ve fought side by side with them against another foe.  They’re manipulative schemers willing to break time to ensure the Empire’s victory…and the past version of them was willing to let me kill his future self because he was no longer acting with honor.  B’vat had to know, didn’t he?  He had to know how it was going to end-he told me to do it.  It’s one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen.

I hate time travel.

End Log.

The Klingon War is…well, I hate to say “over”, since it continues beyond this episode arc, but the fact is, the player’s involvement in the war pretty much ends here (unless they do the PvP thing).  Thanks to the weekend, I managed to get through the rest of this arc and am a smidgen away from Rear Admiral Lower Half.  I’ve also managed to get a few of those Temporal Agent rewards in the process, mostly related to duty officer ranks and crafting ranks.  And of course, the award for completing the Klingon War arc with Temporal Ambassador (not referred to in the log above since he has no idea that it happened-don’t time travel stink?

One of the things I’m noticing about the little Temporal Probes is that they aren’t always written all that well.  One of the more glaring was on the Skirmish mission, which had the probe talk about the Devidians when we hadn’t actually identified them in the mission as of yet.  There are others, but that one was the one that really jumped out at me.  I consider this balanced, though, by the fact that Ambassador B’vat’s mad quest was revealed to be Na’kuhl related-and more importantly, the past-B’vat acknowledged the character’s status as a Temporal Agent.  It’s little touches like that which make me appreciate the game a bit more.  I was wondering if the character’s actions when the time travel stuff started up would produced at least some dialogue trees that acknowledged that fact.  The same sort of thing happened in a way in the Temporal Ambassador episode, where my captain from the past pulled to the future/present wound up in an alternate timeline with another Starfleet crew that was heading to the past from the future/present…is it any wonder why Rick hates time travel?  Just wait until the Iconians come into play….  (It was interesting that some folks in the alternate timeline knew that Rick was another temporal refugee-and it came from a new addition to the episode who is very familiar to players who have already done the Iconian War and later missions.)

I’d made the choice to go with a science ship for this set of levels, and give my character the full range of using all three major types of ship.  (Yes, there are carriers and destroyers and such, but I still mentally divide ’em up in to the three main branches.)  I wrapped things up with a promotion, although as usual for my characters, I pretty much never throw on rank indicators or titles above “Captain”-so don’t expect me to start referring to Rick as an Admiral or anything like that.  (I make exceptions on titles sometimes because some are too good and appropriate not to use, such as “Special Envoy” for my Borg character; and I have taken the Klingon “General” once, because it works for my Talaxian KDF guy.)

So THAT'S why they call it a doomsday machine!

So THAT’S why they call it a doomsday machine!

The next bit of business ahead will be a trio of new missions in an arc called “Yesterday’s War”, so those will have a bit of a review from me as well as the usual description on where things are at with the character!  Since it’s only three missions, I expect that a post on them will come up sooner rather than later.


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