EoA: In The Desert


“I leave the world of Tatooine troubled.  I thought I had seen the worst the galaxy had to offer on Nar Shadda, where there was nothing but corruption.  But on Tatooine, I’ve seen a world without the benefit of law.  A world exploited by a corporation who sees profit more important than lives.  Yet a world where people try to make their marks-where, despite the inhospitable conditions, they live their lives.  Some would call this lawlessness the ultimate freedom.

I’m not so sure.

Still, the Shock Drum is no more, Master Kiwiiks has been saved.  And another one of Darth Angral’s students has been neutralized.  Lord Praven showed me something I had never seen before:  a wielder of the Dark Side who is not…evil.  He had the chance to slaughter the innocent, witnesses to his work-he did not take it.  He had the chance to leave me to my fate-indeed, all of Tatooine-by not revealing the fact that he had changed the destruct codes for the device.  But he offered them to me in exchange for a battle to the death.  A warrior’s death, one with honor.

I defeated him, and he expected to die at my hands.  But I could not strike the killing blow-not when I could see the spark of decency within him.  If there was light to be found in his darkness, I had to let it have the chance to grow.  I offered him a new chance, a new life-one not steeped in rage, hate, or fear.  The next steps are up to him now.

Now, I must away to the world of Alderaan, where Master Din was last seen.  I hope that we are not too late.”

-From the Epic of Anthrandos

Anthrandos is merrily going along on his journey, and the struggles on another planet have been overcome.  I managed to get most if not all of the quests done on Tatooine outside of the Heroics (again, not feeling a pressing need for those).  Oddly, what I didn’t see was the bonus missions on Tatooine.  If my memory isn’t completely shot, I was expecting to see them at the spaceport upon completion of the Czerka arc on Tatooine, if not the completion of the class missions there.  But…no dice.  I’m not losing any sleep over it-the character is in the mid 40’s now, and there’s a real chance that he’ll have hit max level before the end of Chapter One.

That’s sort of freaky.  Time was, back in the day, where I’d expect to hit level 50 at Voss or Corellia, the tail end of the last chapter of the class missions.  But nope-I’m going to hit max level way early.  In part, this has to do with the leveling curve:  since the devs changed things up to allow you to get to max level by just doing class missions and planetary missions, you didn’t have to do the side missions anymore.  But, I’ve been doing those side missions, AND Flashpoints, all of which add more xp to the mix.  Added to this is the level cap on each planet, which allows you to be considered at that level in terms of relative combat power and experience.  So a level 40-ish guy isn’t one-shotting all the bad guys on Tatooine, but accordingly, isn’t getting only 1 xp per kill either.  This was done to allow high level characters help out lower level friends without hosing them-but the result of this for solo players doing this in combination with the side missions is serious leveling speed.

Speaking of Flashpoints.  Cademimu.  I’ve done it twice before-once with a group, and once on my own.  It’s not a hard Flashpoint, so to speak.  There are three bosses, and they aren’t hard to burn down.  Even the cute mechanics of the fights aren’t horrible, mostly distractions more than anything else.  But that last boss was a killer, not because of his statistics, but because of the environmental effects.  Imagine a two by two grid.  The first half of the fight makes one of those squares fiery death-and it would be at random, so one square would fry someone, cool down, then another one might do it.  There is warning, but that’s sometimes hard to see when you’re in the middle of fighting.  The second half makes THREE of them dangerous, so you have to make sure you get to the one square that’s safe-and bring the boss with you so you can keep hitting him.

The first time I did this, my character fried because he couldn’t keep track of where the danger-squares were.  We still won the Flashpoint, but I was a cinder at the time.  I don’t think I even got a roll on the rewards on that one.  The second time went about as poorly, and I swore of Cademimu.  Which brings us to the present.  Our team had one tank and three DPS.  About a minute in, one of the DPS guys just bailed.  Nice, huh?  So we were down to three, plus one guy’s healer companion.

It was the best run of Cademimu I’ve ever been on.  We were still more than up to the task of taking down the bosses, and this time, I was aware of all the warning signs for those fire squares, and didn’t get caught in any of them.  It’s possible things have been made easier on this, or maybe I just finally learned to play this particular Flashpoint.  In any event, that’s another checkmark on the list of Flashpoints I need to get through for the Light versus Dark event.  The next one on my list is actually a pair:  the Jedi Prisoner arc.  I may or may not do the Kuat Yards one first, though, as I’ve never actually done that one.  The difference is that the Prisoner arc can be done solo, while Kuat is a Tactical Flashpoint.  But hey, all the other runs have gone pretty well so far; why not see about this one?

The Epic continues….


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