EoA: Scum. Villainy. And Mandalorians. Not All Mutually Exclusive.


“Nar Shadda was a test of my oaths as a Jedi.  The Hutts like for you to believe that it’s all bright lights and glitter, but I’ve seen the underside of it during my time there.  My mission was to learn what became of Agent Galen, and while I did succeed in that-and in destroying the plans for the Power Guard project-it was too late to prevent Galen from being…modified…by Lord Sadic.  Additionally, it seemed that I was forced to work with the Hutts-never FOR the Hutts-far too often in order to help those who have been used by those same Hutts as disposable labor.

I do feel that I did some good there.  I destroyed spice production factories, fought off Imperial encroachments, freed slaves.  But there always seemed to be more around every corner.  I worry that the good I’ve done is temporary-that once I left Nar Shadda, the Hutts would go back to business as usual.

But I can’t let that get to me.  I can only do what I can, and hope that others pick up the cause after I’m gone.

I have larger concerns.  Kira was revealed as…well, she had a secret that she’d been concealing from the Jedi Council that came out thanks to a Sith named Valis.  Kira showed the strength of her character by freely telling the Council of this, and while certain members of the Council wanted her imprisoned, I was able to convince the majority that she should remain under my tutelage.  Kira has proven herself time and time again that she has what it takes to be a Jedi-I won’t abandon her.

Especially now, when both of our former Masters have gone missing on Tatooine and Alderaan….”

-From the Epic of Anthrandos

Nar Shadda’s in the rear-view mirror now, and Anthrandos is leveling up nicely.  He’s in his 40’s now, and it may soon be time to start using those xp boosts I’ve been collecting in the process of completing these missions.  As usual, I’ve been doing every mission I could-but this time, I haven’t done the bonus missions.  Primarily because those missions hadn’t made themselves available to me as of yet-I think there’s a trigger on another planet or at Fleet for those.  I can’t recall for certain.  But if I don’t find it, no loss-because I’m clearly not in need of extra experience points.

I’ve also knocked out another of the Flashpoints needed for the Light vs Dark thing; this time, it was the Mandalorian Raiders.  One thing I’m noticing about using the group finder is that almost inevitably, all of us are DPS roles.  I’d be tempted to do a tank role, but I don’t really have the gear and build for tanking.  This one was especially amusing, since the folks with aggro tended to run around with no destination during boss fights-I mean, you’d think they would gravitate to the healing stations offered in those fights, but noooo.  Which made being a melee oriented character entertaining.  Still, I like to think I held up my end.  My plan is to do the next one during/after Tatooine, and follow up with the Jedi Prisoner pair of Flashpoints-which can be done solo.  But first, I have to do Cademimu, which I anticipate will be especially ugly-of all the ones I’d done in the past, that one was the roughest (with the caveat that I hadn’t really done the high-level Flashpoints at that period of time).  More about that when I run that one.

For now, though, Anthrandos continues to build up those Light Side points, and last I looked, the Light Side was winning the points war by a fairly narrow margin.  I’m not shocked-I figure this is going to be a fight to the finish between players who want the Dark Side to come out on top with those who want the Light Side to win.  I’m doing my part, though-no Dark Side choices yet.

Next stop:  Tatooine, and corporate warfare!


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