EoA: Esseles, Coruscant, and Hammer Station (And a Surprise)


“Events have progressed faster than I would have expected since leaving Tython as a Jedi Knight.  The trip on the Esseles turned out to be more than expected-I wonder if Master Shan had a vision or premonition of what was to come on that fateful trip-one which was punctuated with my first conflict with a Sith.  This encounter was not to be my last-for I would face Sith on Coruscant as well, in the form of Darth Tarnis.

But this has opened up a greater danger.  Tarnis stole data on secret weapons, dangerous on a planetary scale.  With the help of Master Kiwiik’s Padawan, Kira Carsen, I was able to defeat Tarnis and prevent him from isolating Coruscant from the galaxy-but at the cost of awakening the anger of his father, Darth Angral, a Sith Lord who had led the Sack of Coruscant years ago.  That sacking has still had consequences that reverberate to this day; the Migrant Merchant’s Guild have been a force of oppression there; a criminal syndicate called Black Sun has been operating openly; and Justicars, former military, have taken a sector of their own and ruthlessly enforce their own brand of justice.  I’ve tried to help where I could, but I am just one man-and the Empire is making moves that General Var Suthra needs me to help counter.

Before I could go to the first destination recommended by the General, Master Shan asked that I join a task force in eliminating Hammer Station, another Republic superweapon that had fallen into the wrong hands.  Along with a group of other Jedi, we were able to eliminate the threat.  Now, Kira, T7, and I are preparing to land on Taris-a world destroyed by the Empire long ago, and the focus of a reconstruction effort unlike any other the Republic has yet attempted….”

-From the Epic of Anthrandos

Things have moved fairly swiftly for my Jedi for the Light versus Dark event in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  First, I was able to take the advice of a reader here and actually discover that I’d not enabled my “view exploration missions” toggle, which is why I couldn’t find those couple of missions referred to in the last of these posts.  Once I cleared those all out, I returned to dealing with the Esseles Flashpoint, which is one of the better ones in the game.  I did it under solo-mode, to make my life as convenient as possible, and everything went as well as I’d expected.  Esseles isn’t exactly one of the hardest Flashpoints out there.

From there, I did the Coruscant missions.  And I did almost all of them; I might have skipped a Heroic mission or two, mainly because I’d still be working at it due to the fact that they require takedowns of mobs that everyone else is hunting.  I’ve got better things to be doing.  Plus:  after doing every other mission on the planet, I found myself at level 29.  I’m so far ahead of schedule as far as levels go that it’s disgusting.  This did conveniently mean that I’d achieved Tier One in the LvD advancement, by getting a character to level 25.  My rewards were some LvD packs to open.  I didn’t get anything spectacular, but I did get the upper part of the Ceremonial armor set (hooray?), a cool rifle that I could see my Agent using (too bad it’s bound-I haven’t checked the Collection unlock cost for it yet), and two identical lightsaber crystals that conveniently matched the color of the one I was using for this character, but instead of upping Endurance it was upping Critical, which I sort of preferred for this character-so no real complaints.  Hopefully, the Tier Two rewards awaiting at level 50 and the completion of the Jedi Prisoner Flashpoints will do better.  Plus, it’ll award the first parts of the Victorious Pioneer’s Armor Set (and a pet).

In the middle of all that, I decided to bite the bullet at low level and get the PvP Valor 5 requirements out of the way.  It took two runs, one of which was a straightforward “kill anyone not on your team”, and the other was a capture point map.  My team won the first, didn’t win the second.  But it got the requirement out of the way for me, so that’s one more problem down.  After wrapping Coruscant, I also ran a Hammer Station Tactical Flashpoint, via Group-Finder.  That FP isn’t horribly difficult either, and we got through it and thus allowed me to check off another box on the way.  Athiss should be the next one on the list, I think, but I will likely wait until Taris is complete before running that one.  My level has also opened up the aforementioned Jedi Prisoner FPs, but I’m going to hold off a little longer on those, since they can be solo FPs.

So far, I’m doing as well as I’d wanted for the LvD event, and it’s been pretty fun reliving all of the quests.  The big question upcoming:  I’ve vowed to do every mission I could (minus Heroics that may be more trouble than they are worth as far as competing with other players).  But I haven’t thought about the Bonus Missions on various planets.  They can be a slog, but still, they’re more xp, more credits (I DO need to get a million on one of these characters, after all), and they used to have some decent orange gear to either use or give to companions.  I’ve got some time before I have to make that choice, fortunately.

The Epic continues!


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