Oh, For the Love of Alts…!

Bioware/EA had been indicating an interesting event upcoming in Star Wars: The Old Republic independent of the Knights of the Fallen Empire’s story.  What we knew was that it would involved eventually getting a brand new companion, and that companion would either be a Light Side or Dark Side companion depending on the choices made during the storyline…for everybody.  To be a bit more precise, every single player involved in the event would tilt the scales, and whichever side won would determine the nature of the companion-who would be available for all participants as an account unlock.

The devs recently slapped up a blog post going into greater detail-and there’s a wee bit more to it than just “get more Dark/Light Side points”.  Oh, is there a lot more.

First up:  the only participants in the event are new characters.  If you’ve already filled up all your character slots on a server, you can buy new ones (they’ll be going on sale next week) or do the event on a different server.  In theory that would work; they did say it would be an account unlock for that companion, but since everything is being tracked by Legacy achievements, I’m withholding judgment on that.  Still, the point remains:  you have to do the event with a brand spanking new character, and it can’t be one starting at level 60 if you’ve got one of those tokens.  Nope.

Next:  it’s not just a question of Light/Dark points.  See, there are different levels of achievement here.  Each one will give you some gamble-packs, with some decent stuff (one of which is Satele Shan’s outfit; well, that’s one item on the GTN market that’s about to tank in price) which will be bound on pickup, but will unlock in the Collections tab so that your other characters can benefit.  Each one will have other stuff attached, too, like event-related armor, pets, vehicles, titles, and yes, the aforementioned new companion-which will either be Darth Hexid or Master Ranos.  Whether or not we’ll ever see the one not chosen is an open question.

Whose side are YOU on?

These levels of achievement are tricky, to say the least.  The first level is straightforward:  get that new character to level 25.  Nice and simple, right?  The next level is a bit more complex.  Get that character to level 50, AND complete three “story” Flashpoints.  Well, with the solo Flashpoints out there, that’s not horrible; the first one for each faction, and the Jedi Prisoner/Foundry ones will do nicely for that.  Level 50 isn’t simple, but it is doable, as I certainly have cause to know!  The level that comes after that takes that character up to level 60 and through the Shadow of Revan and into the first 9 chapters of KotFE, plus doing the introductory stuff for the Galactic Strongholds (which is no big deal).

So, everything seems nice and simple, right?

It continues, and now it starts getting into the deeper water.  The character must complete KotFE (up to the final chapter, revealed as the Battle of Odessen-that’s a bad, bad sign-which launches late July); he must do ALL of the Flashpoints in Solo or Tactical Mode (and a good chunk of those have no Solo Mode, so hang onto the hats) AND must reach Valor Rank 5, which is achieved by doing PvP Warzones-and since I don’t really do the PvP thing, I have no idea how difficult that detail is.  Oh, and complete 5 Alliance Alerts, but that’s no big struggle.  (Yuun’s doesn’t count.)

The next level appears to be independent of the previous ones-which is good, since that’s the one that has as its reward that companion mentioned above.  However…you need to have that new character each level 65, AND a new character of the opposing faction to level 65.  AND you need to complete round 5 of the Eternal Championship with one of them.  (That one I’m less sure about; it might be that you could get that with one of your other characters, but I’ve no confirmation either way on that.)  Now, that’s just beating up players.  Altitis Hell approaches.  But it hasn’t arrived yet.

That’s for the next level:  this is just a bit of what you need:  level 50 for all classes, 1 million credits (that’s not as impressive as it used to be), reach Dark 5 and Light 5 alignment (thankfully, not on the same character), kill 5 specific World Bosses, Kill 5 specific Operations Bosses, all Hard Mode Flashpoints and the Eternal Championship.  Among other things.  If you have to do this on the new characters-effectively making 8 new characters-this will be a bit of a living hell.  I mean, I’m an altoholic, but come on, now!  (And that IS eight new characters; they have to be “event characters” made for this event.)

So, my operational plans are to pretty much do a Republic and Sith character thru KotFE and go for the first three levels, and then focus fire on the Eternal Championship fifth round to qualify for the character.  I haven’t decided what side to be on; I like the look of the Light Side character, but I hate to make snap judgments.  As for the characters themselves…well, if one is going to do this sort of Dark/Light sort of thing, I kind of feel I gotta go Jedi and Sith.  The only question is:  Knight or Consular, Warrior or Inquisitor?  I might finally do what I’d been considering for a while:  let random rolls determine everything about the characters, from appearance to class to advanced class choices.  The plan originally was to also do the same for Light/Dark choices, but I think if I do this, I’m going all in with my choice.  So both will either be staunchly Light, or seriously Dark.

Light Versus Dark begins on June 28-which is, ironically, when the next Chapter for KotFE lands.  KotFE has priority, followed by the Alliance Alert for that chapter (I need Guss back!), and once those are done…THEN I can begin the journey…for the seventeenth time.

Yes, I have had questions about my sanity before, and I will probably be hearing them again soon…!


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