This May Have Odds, and There May Be Ends

Been a little while; things have kept me fairly busy, so let’s see where my thoughts take me today.

I’ve started a new KDF aligned character in Star Trek Online; I’d been looking to leverage the fact that as a lifetime sub, I had access to a lifetimer-exclusive species as a captain, so I took the plunge and made a Talaxian captain.  For those not up on the Trek Lore, this is the species that Neelix of Star Trek: Voyager comes from-the character who was all bubbly and cheerful and acted as a guide/cook/morale officer on the ship.  And in doing so, pretty much sealed the fate of all Talaxians to be seen in a similar manner.

Who would’ve thought a Talaxian could look badass?

Well, screw that!  The Talaxians had themselves a helluva war in their past between planets, and I felt that it was time to redeem the reputation of the Talxians (me and undoubtedly a heap of other lifetimers) and designed me one as a captain.  I made him a Tactical captain, and as mentioned, put him with the Klingons.  This would force me to put him in mind of someone who could gain the respect of warriors.  In part, this also informed the ship type I was looking to use.  I’d used a lot of the KDF ships, but the type I’d mostly avoided was the Birds of Prey raider ships.  This fact is no longer applicable-my Talaxian has taken command!

The appearance of the character-who I named Fralex-needed to stand out to me.  I couldn’t bring myself to put him in the standard KDF uniforms, although the Bortasqu’ outfits were tempting.  But in the end, I splurged on some Zen hoarded over time and bought the Intel uniforms, with Klingon-ish sort of coloring put in.  A Bortasqu’ sash completed the look of the outfit.  Fralex is a bald bearded wonder (no goatee, though; I already have a Coreth-inspired character in the game) and the package looks nothing like a short-order cook like Neelix.

The character has just completed the Devidian story arc, so he’s moving along at the Commander rank.  Goal is to get him to the level 50-ish range, much like the three Delta Recruits I’d had going along.  He’s also joined a small KDF fleet; actually, my main Klingon and my Delta-Klingon have done so as well, and Fralex kind of came along late.  I wasn’t really doing anything with the fleet resources I’d had with the characters, and this at least got me to take a look inside the KDF holdings (albeit at tier 0).

I’ve also done the assorted missions released for the Iconian War that’s going on.  I’ll probably have more to say on that in a future post.

On another front, I’ve been quietly moving forward with my insane dream of a full complement of level 50-ish Star Wars: The Old Republic characters, specifically one of each advanced class.  A little less than three months and counting before the new expansion hits and has me concentrating on advancing further.  I’ve managed to finish class stories for an Imperial Sniper and a Powertech Bounty Hunter, as well as a Republic Scoundrel, and I’m presently working on a Republic Commando who is just about to hit Tatooine.  This mad quest of mine is aided by the fact that subscribers get that 12X multiplier on class missions, which means I can ignore pretty much all the time-consuming planetary quests.  There’s an argument to be made that I’m not getting the full experience that way, but the other hand is that I’ve done ’em eight times already (4 per faction).  If I were TRULY insane, I’d try to extend this push to my current maximum level cap at 55 for all of them, but I can only take so much.  Will I get to the goal before the expansion hits?  Who knows?  But it at least fills the time and keeps me more-or-less familiar with the controls so that I’m not feeling like I’m starting from scratch when I return to my primary characters there.

I keep meaning to get back to a couple Champions Online characters, but I keep getting sidetracked.  Only so much time in a day, after all.


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