Building Character: Dynah-Might

(Yes, the title’s somewhat lame, but hey-it was the low hanging fruit.  I hadda use something like that sooner or later.)

My Star Trek Online current project, Captain Dynah, is going along nicely.  She reached level 50, so that allowed me to enable the Command primary specialization, and Piloting secondary.  The reason I made sure to do the Piloting was because even without points spent in it, it gives a small bonus to turn rate-and her endgame ship has indeed turned out to be the tier-5 Excelsior; after all, it’d be a shame if I never actually use a ship I bought, right?

USS Atlantic, now on duty

Storywise, Dynah is presently neck deep in dealing with the Borg arc.  So my figuring is that this week will end her push, as the arc after this one is the Breen one, and the end of that ends the Delta Recruiting arc.  And that will end my own personal arc of Delta Recruitment, as I’ll have pushed a new captain from each faction through that storyline.  I’ll likely put up final thoughts on the whole Delta Recruitment thing as a post-mortem next time.

What comes next, then?  Well, the Fleet is doing what I figured would be impossible-advancing our starbase to a tier 3 level.  Or at least it’s in the process.  It’ll have its last tier-2 structure built later today, and we’re well along on advancing to Military tier 3, which will allow us to build a tier-3 shipyard, which will allow us to build up the base to tier 3.  Of course, those last two steps will be the challenge, as it will require Dilithium in vast quantities.  That said:  I’ve built up a healthy amount of Zen from my stipend over the months, and at the moment, the buying power of Zen versus Dilithium is pretty heavily tilted in Zen’s favor.  If I’m not actually using it for anything else, I may very well decide that our efforts could be greatly assisted by a sudden infusion.  (Given that I have pretty much all the outfits I want, I have no desire for the existing tier-6 ships, and I haven’t used up all my character slots yet, I just tend to sit on the Zen.)

Aside from that, it’s sounding like we could be seeing a new Feature Episode sooner rather than later that will further the Iconian War plot, so I’ll have that to look forward to with my mains.  Speaking of whom, at some point I’ll have to figure if I’m going to bother with the Iconian Reputation stuff, which will require playing the new PvE queue missions; the trick is figuring who to do ’em with.  I’d sort of prefer to use Kelleth in the KDF, as I view him as the primary go-to guy now, but he’s not as kitted out as Walt in Starfleet, and those starbase projects are gonna need a heap of fleet marks as well as Dilithium, so the odds of his getting the call are pretty high up there.  I’m still somewhat undecided.

But for now, Dynah still needs to wrap things up.


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