Building Character: Dynah Goes to Work

Guess who's leveling up...?

Guess who’s leveling up…?

It’s really not escaped my attention that, despite a significant number of posts bashing actions taken by the developers/producers of Star Trek Online, I’ve spent a great deal of time recently in that MMO, far more than I’ve spent in Champions Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Maybe it’s because of the three, STO’s the one that regularly releases stuff I don’t mind doing.  That may or may not end with the Delta Recruiting thing, but we’ll see how that goes.  For now, I’m enjoying the ride.

Dynah Istori of Starfleet is the character getting the reps now, the last of my three Delta Recruits.  The character is just shy of level 35, and is progressing along the Reman arc (okay, nowadays it’s the back half of “The Romulan Mystery”, but it’ll always be the Reman arc in my head, hailing back to its inception as featured episodes).  Despite my plans, the character has been doing more fabrication than mechanics in her Engineering, but that’s because I’ve had lousy luck with kit frames-more fabrication modules than mechanical.  Of course, I’ve also had equally rotten luck with the modules themselves.  Fortunately, I did get some originality for me with a combat supply crate ability-which took me a bit by surprise.  Back in the day, it just held stuff like power cells and shield packs and the like.  So imagine my surprise when the thing starts popping out the little buff icons similar to what you see in the Solonae battlezone.  That makes it more useful as a combat ability to an extent, but man, it still sets my teeth on edge to see those popping around in an MMO.  (Yes, I’m aware that this is no different than the floating capsules indicating loot.  I never claimed consistency.)  My hope is to eventually get a kit that’s more mechanic than fabrication, and I can mess with some very different abilities…

Now I just need the giant mushrooms.

Now I just need the giant mushrooms.

Space-wise, the progression’s been a bit interesting.  As an Engineer, Dynah’s suited for the cruisers, and that’s the direction I’ve picked up for the most part.  I had the TOS Constitution as her first ship (well, not counting the tutorial ship), and a Constitution as her LCDR ship.  I went heavy on the Vesper parts for that ship, though, refusing to be traditional with the straight Constitution skin.  What I ended up with was…well, it was hideous.  Couldn’t wait to get out of that ship.  At the Commander level, I finally made use of a purchased Excelsior class ship; longtime readers will remember my rants on that subject.  So it only took me a few years to actually USE the ship.  I strongly suspect that the Tier-5 version will end up being Dynah’s endgame ship, too.  At Captain, though, I couldn’t bring myself to inflict the Galaxy-class ship on the character; there are those who will disagree (in fact, I expect that there are MANY who disagree), but I’ve never been a great fan of that ship’s design.  It grew on me to the point where I could watch The Next Generation with it without having adverse reactions to it, but it just didn’t really appeal to me.  So I went with the Intrepid-class science ship; I’d never done an Engineer/Science combination, so I figured, why not?  Hasn’t been too bad, although I’ve had to use my more traditional power settings for the ship (eg. ALL WEAPONS!!!!1!!1!!!).

This is admittedly one of my better shots of that ship.

This is admittedly one of my better shots of that ship.

Looking toward the future-beyond the Delta Recruit event in STO-I figure that once Dynah’s out of the way, I’ll start branching out my game again, so to speak.  There are a number of character concepts in CO that I want to mess with (not the least of which is to FINALLY give my Reawakened Automaton a push), and I’ve still got intents to start messing with the mirror classes in TOR-particularly in light of the 12X XP for story missions for subscribers, which will make leveling them not nearly as horrific as it could be.  (I wonder if that stacks with the xp buffs that tend to roll in with some of these missions; I should check on that.)


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