Building…Other Stuff

Things have gone pretty well lately for my primary characters in Star Trek Online.  Since the last Building Character post, both my Romulan and my Starfleet mains have reached top level, and the Romulan finished the Delta Rising episode arc.  The Starfleet main has a couple of missions to go before wrapping; if I’m not done with him this weekend, I’ll be surprised.  It’ll be just in time to run through the new episode that’s coming very, very soon, and as will be the case going forward, it’ll be KDF first, Romulan second, and Starfleet third.

As the characters reach their individual apex, though, I look at a bigger goal now.

As mentioned a couple of times in the past, the characters (well, not the Klingon) are in a Fleet, and the Fleet has a couple of Fleet Holdings that have advanced to something resembling something.  It has a tier-2 Starbase, and a tier-1 Embassy.  The Starbase has been my primary bit of work and I let it wind down after getting to tier-2 (with help, admittedly).  Another Fleet member was the primary driver on getting the Embassy to tier 1 (with some help, admittedly-including a bit from me).  But the idea of getting the Starbase to tier-3 is one that’s been in the back of my head for a while.

Why?  Well, first and foremost…vanity.  The appearance of the Starbase changes with the tier it’s in, and a tier-3 base looks more impressive than tier-2.  Second, also of note, is the availability of a special Tailor in the Starbase, which unlocks new uniform variants for members of the Fleet.  It’d be nice to have that available.  And thirdly, by getting to tier-3, it requires getting to tier-2 in a couple other sub-branches (eg. Tactical, Engineering, Science) which opens up some more neat stuff like fleet equipment-and of course, one of those branches will need to go to tier-3 as well (Tactical being the leading contender, but we’ll see).

The downside is:  it’s not exactly easy.  It either requires a big investment in common duty officers or a big investment in Dilithium just to get to the point where you can start the upgrade projects.  And there’s a heap of an investment in those upgrade projects-it took forever to get the Embassy to Tier-1 on that upgrade project alone.

All that said:  these challenges are not insurmountable.  It just takes time.  I do have a fair number of alts in the Fleet, including a pair of Romulan Republic characters-this helps me get past the duty officer issues in a way, since each of them can run recruitment duty officer missions; heck, the Romulan ones can run twice as many since they have the Romulan versions of the missions as well as the Starfleet versions.  The various materials only cost energy credits, and I’ve got reserves as far as that goes.  Even Fleet Marks needed may not be horrible-as I’ve completed various reputation grinds, I’ve started taking Fleet Marks instead of assorted Reputation Marks if given the choice.  Finally, the recent Crystalline Catastrophe event allowed me to have a number of characters get 50K Dilithium each, to a grand total of 200K; in the past, I’ve used the event to get the real vanity special projects, where it added decor to assorted holdings.  This time…I’m holding onto it for the big upgrade projects, which require a heap of Dilithium.  Conservatively speaking, we’re talking nearly 1.2 million Dilithium.  Good thing I won’t need this all at once; it would take 148 days to refine Dilithium rewards on a single character to get that much.  It’s also a good thing that the plan is to spread mass gains like from the Catastrophe across multiple characters.  And heck, some of those spare marks from the Reputation grind can be turned in for Dilithium….

Clearly, this is not a goal that’s going to happen overnight.  Thanks to a couple other built-in limits (like how often I can run recruitment missions), it’ll take some months to do.  But you know, I’m not going anywhere-and heck, depending on how things go with Delta Recruitment, I may or may not have a new character to feed stuff into the grinder.  That’s sort of iffy, though, since I’m probably building a KDF guy for it.  On the other hand, I am an altoholic….

As a closing note, I’m not the only one who messes with the possibilities of expanding holdings; at least two others in the Fleet have looked at stuff to upgrade; one did the work to upgrade the Embassy to Tier-1, while the other is presently putting effort into getting the Dilithium Mine to Tier-1.  All of the holdings are uphill tasks for my Fleet, but we’re in no hurry.  We’ll get there.


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