At Last, The End Of The Line (Wait-Isn’t There An Expansion?)

Well, it took a few years to do it-ironically at the time of the 3rd anniversary celebrations-but I’ve finally done it.  Last night, I completed the Jedi Counselor storyline missions, completing Chapter 3 and thus, completing the last of the eight class stories of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Last Story Ends

Things got a bit dicey at the end of the road, primarily because of the changes to the former skill builds (now “disciplines”).  My character was a Balance Sage, and before the change, I had a pretty good handle on him; after the change, I was starting to get my butt handed to me by Strong opponents.  This required a bit of learning new tactics until I got to the point where I could curbstomp Elite opponents.  (I’ll say this for the Counselor; I never had the same problems with Elites that I had with my Agent.)

In the process, the character got to level 52, which is about where I average out when completing class stories.  One made it to 53, if I recall-I’d made liberal use of xp boosters I get from completing certain missions-and a couple only made it to 50, although to be fair, that was before Makeb raised the level cap from 50 to 55.

Of course, the readers-in-the-know realize that technically, I haven’t finished the class stories; with the expansion of “Shadow of Revan”, there is at least a mini-class story available that continues the stories of these characters at an individual level (as opposed to the generalist level like Ilum, Oricon, and the other assorted content released post-launch).  But I won’t be doing those until Bioware/EA releases the expansion free to subs like they did with Makeb (I figure that puts it around May or June if past history is a guide).

In the meantime, I’ll probably make use of the time to relearn how to do some of these characters again now that their skill trees have been blown away and turned into disciplines.  If nothing else, I need to relearn my Agent and Smuggler characters, and see how they perform.  And maybe I’ll run some of these characters through Makeb and max out their levels-I have remarkably few characters who are actually at the former level cap, and while I doubt any can get to 60 without the expansion, they might at least get pretty close.  Plus, now that training costs have been eliminated (which is worthy of a different post), I can preserve more credits for which I can possibly unlock more rooms for my Kaas and Coruscant strongholds.  (Tatooine is STILL not on the radar, and don’t get me started on flagships.)

I admit I haven’t said much about the storyline for the Counselor; I try not to offer major spoilers.  I failed in the respect that I had planned to take the character seriously Dark Side, though-there wasn’t anything that I felt really that offered an obvious “breaking point” for him.  He isn’t anywhere as Light Side as my Knight, though-I did make a number of DS choices that seemed rational at the time that usually didn’t involve mass casualties.  In the end, though, he made what I would consider the “right” choice, and puts the character in a more positive place than I’d been planning.  Unfortunately (for me), this means that absolutely none of my characters have managed to max out DS points, which would unlock a Legacy power for all the characters on the Legacy.  Even my nastiest character-my Inquisitor-was occasionally tainted by LS choices because of his stance on slavery.  Of course, he’s also one of the characters who haven’t done Makeb yet.  And there’s always the expansion, in time.

Still, despite my intentions, the storyline was enjoyable, and different enough from the others to make it so.  In many ways, it was a more political story than the others, which suits the Counselor perfectly.  After all, the Counselor is a diplomat of sorts, as well as a seeker of knowledge; and both got a workout on his storyline.  He didn’t face the Ultimate Bad Guy of TOR, but he did get to face a danger just as great in its way-and came out with flying colors.  (Well, after being one-shot at one point in that final battle.  I’ll spoil this much:  if you see a power charging up that says “collapsing ceiling”, you REALLY want to use an interrupt.)

I may do another post at one point with my thoughts on the storylines of TOR.  I figure it’s worth remarking upon.


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