Building Character (AKA “What I’ve been doing in the last month”)

Life’s kept me a bit busy lately, but I have some time to take a look at where things are these days.

I managed to complete the Delta Rising expansion’s story in Star Trek Online with my Klingon character, and as of later today, he’ll have maxed out his Delta Reputation, which means that when I eventually do it for my primary Starfleet and Romulan characters, they’ll have an easier time of it; this is because of the ability to “sponsor” an alt by spending reputation marks to create a token that-when used by the alt-will double the reputation xp of each project.  This effectively means that they can get through that reputation at twice the speed, at roughly half the cost.  That’s a good thing.

My Romulan character is next on the list to go through the expansion, and I’ve actually finished the mission with Neelix already (I got a head start).  Another minor project is something I’d been putting off for too long:  my Borg-ified Starfleet captain, once upon a time, was one I’d planned to have a crew that had almost no humans.  Over time, I managed to get an away team that consisted of all partial-or-fully mechanical characters:  three liberated Borg, one hologram, and one android.  But there was one feather I wanted in my cap as well:  I wanted to finish the Diplomacy path with the game’s duty officers, so I could requisition a KDF alien to include on the crew.  I’m tentatively thinking Gorn, because who doesn’t love a massive lizard-man towering around on the ship.  Not sure what branch of specialization he’ll be; I’ll have to look over my current list of bridge officers before making that call.  I’m hoping to pull that off by the end of the week-I’m close enough to hitting that final Diplomacy tier.

In Champion Online, I’ve not done much lately.  I spent a little time working on a martial-artist sort of character, and despite some rather unpleasant growing pains (or maybe it’s more accurate to say “multiple compound fractures”), he’s actually turning out pretty decently.  I’ve also put in a little bit of time with a bald, green-trenchcoat-wearing, archer guy who would probably look familiar to certain folks.

I’m also looking at my “Reawakened Automaton” character, who I keep meaning to start pushing forward-if only to unlock the special powersets for freeform characters.  I know there are some other ways to do it that don’t take as much work, but heck, it’s about playing the game, right?

Star Wars: The Old Republic also just released its Shadows of Revan expansion-at least for the preordered folks.  I’ve already chosen to just wait until it’s given away to subs in about six months or so, especially since I’m still working on finishing my Jedi Counselor (currently on Voss) to complete my last class story (well, not counting whatever is in the expansion).  I haven’t had a chance to mess with some changes that apply to everyone-the new Discipline system which replaces the original “talent tree” builds.  My gut instinct is not to like ’em at all, but on the other hand, it’d be wrong to belittle it if I haven’t tried it, so I may have something to say on the subject next time.

Once I have the Counselor done, it’ll be time to do some minor work on the assortment of characters; while the class stories are done, not all of those characters have done Makeb-and certainly not all of them have reached the previous maximum level.  I’m not sure how many levels-if any-I can gain now that the level cap is 60; it may be restricted to people with the expansion (I haven’t really looked into it).  Of course, that’s self limiting by its nature-you get enough levels, and even level 55 bad guys won’t get you anything in the way of XP.  To get to 60, you really do need the expansion.  But I think I’ve demonstrated over the years that I don’t lose much sleep over not being maximum level and doing the endgame stuff.  I may very well decide to start my future project of doing another eight characters to cover the other advanced classes in the game-and maybe even unlock some more species to do some interesting characters.

That said, real life things like the holidays might be its own limiting factor.


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