Cardassian Lotto!

  Well, looks like the masses have spoken to Cryptic/PWE.  Thanks to the purchase of LOTS and LOTS of those holiday red boxes for Star Trek Online, we have a NEW contender!

The New Scam

  Cardassian Lockboxes, coming to a sector near you!

  Unlike the holiday boxes, you can get this as a loot drop in the game.  It doesn’t even share the same loot table-which means you can get this in addition to the normal loot.  No daily limits at all!  It can have all kinds of neat stuff in it, such as Galor-class ships, or duty officer commendation boosters, or a dilithium horta, or…all kinds of stuff, really.

  The catch is:  you can’t open the box.  Unless, of course, you burn your C-Store points on special keys that will open ONE box.  That’s right, folks-it’s another pay for a lottery choice!

  This is what people spending hundreds of dollars on the red boxes during the Winter Celebration has wrought; folks going all out for the Jem’Hadar ship have shown Cryptic/PWE the way forward:  people ARE stupid enough to blow through huge amounts of cash for a CHANCE at getting the prize.  And this is just going to keep happening.

  Fortunately, this doesn’t affect me anymore.  I’m not buying C-points anymore, save by any dilithium I feel like selling off, or by the stipend I get as a lifetimer.  If I get any of these boxes, they’re going on the Exchange first thing; if it doesn’t sell for an amount of energy credits that I feel is suitable (which is to say:  high), I’ll simply feed it to the replicator.  Or if that doesn’t work, just jettison the thing out and destroy it entirely.  It’ll be a cold day in hell before I do the lottery purchase.  At least this time, all the possible items aren’t a complete waste; none of the items are, as far as I know, available in game by simply playing.  They’re all C-store sort of stuff, so at least the relative value is better than the red boxes had.  Still doesn’t change my opinion on anything, though.

  And here I’d been hoping my next STO post would be on the new Feature Episode that is (finally) rolling in over the weekend.  Why does Cryptic keep throwing me fodder for posts like this?  Sometimes I think that Fate has decided that since I can’t kick around SOE on Star Wars Galaxies anymore, it has to supply a new whipping boy.


2 comments on “Cardassian Lotto!

  1. The keys are kind of lame. Even on the Exchange, it’s wicked pricey. I rather save then splurge on the items people are selling off, 100% certainty for me.

    After awhile the game will settle again and the prices would plateau. Likely keys would still be pricey, but no one would really be in the market to buy one.

    On thing that concerns me is the Galor class ship. If it’s balanced with other ships, it wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t PvP, but I am concerned that the ship might not compete well in open PvP. In which case, it would be an argument that it may turn into a P2W (pay to win) scenario.

    Almost every F2P game I’ve seen has this money-sink-lotto-choice deal. It’s pathetic, but as long as it doesn’t ruin the game in terms of the grind and content; I’m good with it staying.

    I’m hoping it will be a temporary thing.

    • Since the post, they’ve put up the stats for the Galor. It’s got mixed opinions on how effective it’ll be, but there’s a fair amount of them being claimed today, so I expect we’ll hear the experts opinions on them soon. It does seem like it’ll be a temporary window of time-ending about the same time as the Featured Series ends. But there will be more lockboxes in the future, which will be usable with those keys.

      I’m going to be interested in seeing how things are priced on the exchange.

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