And Cryptic Continues to Fail

I wasn’t gonna post my latest rant on Cryptic/Perfect World concerning the Tier-3 versions of Excelsior/Nebula-and I’m still not.  Because this is funnier.

This morning, I noticed the image for “Unleashed” was not linking right-so I went to see if they had changed the name, or removed the image.  To my great amusement, this is what I found.

Looks like someone screwed up-again!

Yes, they seem to have forgotten that their rights to the domain expired.  A twisted person out there could probably jump on this now, although I expect it wouldn’t last.  Still, it’s hilarious.  I’m sure that it’ll be resolved fairly quickly, but this put a great smile on my face at a time when I’m extremely disenchanted with the company.


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