So It Begins….

  Early access officially begun today for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The access began at 7:00 AM EST sharp.

  The first complaints about not getting in began roughly fifteen minutes later.

  It’d be sad if it wasn’t so predictable.

Release your anger! I destroyed your early access! Take your revenge!

  This isn’t exactly a new thing.  I recall when STO went early access, there were people complaining how they preordered on day one, and wanted in immediately.  Hell, they wanted in on the first wave of beta invites (since preordering was supposed to guarantee beta access).  I’d be willing to bet that if I hunted down old archives, I’d find that World of Warcraft had also had people screaming that they should’ve been invited in first.

  What this ignores is the sheer volume of people who preordered.  If what Bioware says is true, we’re looking at a million of these.  That’s a huge number of boxes.  Even if they never sub for longer than a month, it’s going to take a good chunk of the sting out of the development costs for the game.  And that’s just for standard copies; it’s a safe bet there were a lot of Collector’s Editions sold, too.  Point being:  that’s a lot of people to cycle through in the early access period.  It’s likely the reason why they opened up the access earlier than the 15th, in fact-the original date.  Because there’s so damned many people who want in!

  To those who have not gotten their early access invites yet (among whom is me; I’ll honestly be thrilled if I get in before the weekend):  relax.  The game isn’t going to suddenly vanish in a week.  It’s not a big deal if you aren’t the first top level Sith Warrior.  It’s not a big thing if you miss the initial crashes of the server.  (Honestly, has any MMO launch been so smooth that you want to experience all that?)

Heed a lesson from this guy: patience.

  The Old Republic has been a long time coming.  We can certainly wait a few days.

  Of course, I do reserve the right to make a post saying “I’m in!  I’m in!” when my invite arrives.  Hey, there’s patient, and then there’s insane, and I can walk the line between ’em as well as anyone!


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