Season Five hits Star Trek Online

  It hit sooner than I’d figured, but here we are.  Season Five hit yesterday morning, with all the good and the bad that may imply.  It’s basically the “headstart” for the Freemium conversion hitting next month, and it’s had a few extra toys thrown in.  Like Borg.

  The Borg ground invasions are set up to hit the planet Defera three times a week.  That’s right:  three times a week.  This ranks pretty high on the list of stupid ideas, and it’s hoped that the devs wake up and crank this up a bit, because…well, it’s stupid.  I’d hoped to get a shot at one of these at some point on the weekend, but this is obviously not going to happen.  If they’d treated this like the space Red Alerts with the Borg Attacks as far as timing goes, it would be a lot better.  But as usual, I was not consulted.

This is not what you want to see over your planet.

  The Duty Officer system looks fun, but there’s already glitches.  I got my initial crew and extras on characters who weren’t at the VA max level, but the ones who were at max level didn’t get their extras.  My main got all his Diplomacy duty officers, since he was at max on that, but one who had made progress got none, and another who made less progress got his one.  The assignments seem less numerous as well, although that may also be a function of having less folks than I had in the Tribble server.  There’s no real hurry here, though.  I got nothing but time.

  The C-Store changes went in.  Fortunately, just about all of my previous purchases are still available, although it seems that-in spite of what had been indicated-legacy unlocks of the Excelsior are only unlocking one of the two versions; seeing as they are being sold separately now, I anticipate a great deal of irritation.  Speaking of irritating, a couple C-Store ships have suddenly been made free for anyone for the month of December.  One of those is the TOS Enterprise.  I’m surprised I haven’t seen as much rage there as I’d expected.  I had to make sure the sky wasn’t falling….

  Don’t know much about the Klingon side of things; as usual, I tend to give them the short end of the stick.  I did take a peek at the Academy there, though, and it does have that Klingon feel.  I’m working ahead on the duty officer system there, too, pushing for the Marauding since it should eventually reward a Federation-species boff (or so I would suppose).  Given the scale of the xp and the amount needed, I expect it will probably take until late next year.

No, they aren’t compensating for anything. Honest.

  STFs have gotten an overhaul.  With a queue being put in, I MIGHT look into running them again on a weekend or two with my Borg captain; I’d kind of like to get the Khitomer Accord’s special Borg officer, so I can have 3/5ths of my away team as Borg.  Plus a Reman and a Breen.  Yes, this is not a crew you want to see beaming down….

  Dilithium exchange is live, too.  I’m holding off on putting up mine for sale.  It’s not like it can get worse:  to nobody’s surprise, purchase of C-Points with Dilithium is at the maximum exchange rate for the most part.  I haven’t seen a price lower than 490 Dilithium for a single C-point.  To put it in perspective:  my most played characters tended to have about 120K of Dilithium.  This would translate to about 240-ish C-Points, which isn’t even three dollars worth-and would barely purchase anything in the C-Store.  I don’t expect this to change much (except maybe for the worse if Cryptic decides to move the posts with the maximum exchange rates).  So I’ve no motivation to bother, especially since I should be getting a stipend in the middle of the month.

  Not much else to see here.  The next Feature Episode will (maybe) hit in February, which means two months of pretty much nothing but logging in with alts or messing with the duty officer system.  Fortunately, I splurged on character slots a while back before things looked like it was going to pot, so I can make plenty of character alts to amuse myself.  Not to mention that other sci-fi game coming out in a couple weeks.


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