Origins of the Faces

  Well, I’m on a roll lately; lotta posts in a short period of time compared with my usual weekly schedule.  The move to WordPress seems to have done that much good, anyway.  I’m sure reality will resume at any time.

  Thought I’d take a few to go into the faces in the banner at the top of this blog.  Shockingly (I know, I know!), they represent characters I’ve played in what I consider the more prominent games I’ve done.  A little backgrounder, then, on the Faces of the Ranger.

  Going from left to right!

  The first face-and justly so-is Coreth Landwalker, a character on the now-lost Corbantis server on the soon-to-be-lost game Star Wars Galaxies.  The character was my first MMORPG character, and SWG, my first MMO.  Coreth was originally slated to be a Smuggler character, but due to the experience of playing the Scout basic profession, I chose to develop him as a Ranger-the expert version of the Scout.  I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit that the forum community of the Rangers were a far more civilized bunch than most of the other ones over there.  The Smugglers were lost in their anguish about not being able to smuggle, the Bounty Hunters were just a cesspool (and don’t get me started on the Jedi forums), and the various weapons/crafting forums were pretty much how-to’s.  The Entertainment professions were the other ones close to what the Rangers were, and the Rangers had a friendly rivalry with the Tailors.  (Look up RATGWNIWNU on Google sometime.)  When the NGE came and went, it effectively killed the character.  When I came back for a brief period after some of the worse decisions were fixed (like targeting), I specced him as a Jedi to spite the devs.  This character was also my first foray into writing web-fiction on the Hyperspace Outlaws web site, and I was very happy with the work.

  After the NGE, though, I needed a main game again-I had enjoyed playing the MMO, and I had friends in RL who had tried to get me to do their game for a long time, so I finally did.  It’s a small title called World of Warcraft.  The problem was that they were on a PvP server, and I found that I wasn’t fond of playing a game where I was having to watch my back all the time.  So I ditched it, and rolled a new character on the PvE server.  The funny thing is that at the time, the recommended server was Khaz’Gorath, and that was an Oceanic server.  Well, at least I got to see the game in its daytime aspect more often, instead of nighttime.  I rolled an arms-spec warrior named Coreth, a Human.  I eventually did a respec into a protection spec when he got called upon to do main tanking duties in Zul’Gurub (I may be off with spelling-been a long time).  The raid-or-die attitude of the game did eventually burn me out, even though Burning Crusade had just come out, and I’d drifted from guild to guild there, so never really formed any connections.  So, leaving the game behind didn’t really cause me the kind of anguish leaving SWG did.  I’ve gone back once or twice during free reactivations, but that didn’t happen very often.  So that’s the second face on the banner.

  Kicking out of chronological order comes Walter Frost, my only non-Coreth kind of character:  a Starfleet captain in Star Trek Online.  He was a tactical officer flying a cruiser, which was a bit of an issue since that meant his abilities weren’t all perfectly tuned to the ship.  (This will change when the “new” STO goes live, thanks to space skill changes.)  He’s in the Corps of Discovery there, but the fact that the game has a lot of shortcomings-and had more when it launched, more or less dwindled the Corps into a much smaller active group, and it’s probably safe to say that its days are numbered.  I did one bit of fiction for Walter Frost, and had started on another, but things were deteriorating even then.  Despite using Walter Frost as my character, I didn’t skip Coreth entirely; the game has bridge officer pets, and I created an Andorian tactical officer named Venkoreth th’Reklaw; he usually went by Koreth, and his last name-if reversed-is Walker.  (More on that below.)

  So the fourth face comes via City of Heroes.  Since it’s a super-hero setting, a “Coreth” name wouldn’t do.  So I came up with the Old Ranger, a former US Army Ranger.  He’s on the Virtue server, which is know for it’s Roleplay community.  I’ve been somewhat involved in that, and the Ranger’s been a part of two supergroups there.  He’s currently with the Union Supreme group, and has had a substantial amount of written fiction, which rivals the amount for the Tales of Coreth Landwalker in SWG.  In fact, it’s possible that by now, the stories of the Old Ranger has surpassed the SWG stories.  CoH is at this point my longest-running subscription, and there’s no indications of anything going on there that could drive me away.  There is a real possibility that I’ll be there until the servers shut down.

  The last face is Coreth Walker, of Hyperspace Solutions in the dark, uncompromising world of EVE Online.  This character was pretty much a jack of all trades sort of character, specializing in flying mining ships like Hulks.  However, since you can train for anything in that game, I also invested hard in battlecruisers, exploration (just in time for wormholes to be introduced!) and eventually the big Orca mining support ship.  I’d spent about a year in EVE, sticking to hi-sec space because I’m not a lover of PvP, and the corporation was a very tiny one, consisting of a few former Hyperspace Outlaws.  Eventually, though, when Star Trek Online came rolling around, we jumped ship to that game.  During reactivation offers, I’ve stopped by in EVE, because while it can be a dry game, it can also be an extremely fascinating one.

  There you have it-a tour of the banner.  The bottom part of the banner, incidentally, was designed via the use of the tool at

  Incidentally, this hardly completes the various “Coreth” characters I’ve done in MMOs.  There was also Corethor in Lord of the Rings Online, Koreth on Age of Conan, and more recently, Landwalker in DC Universe Online (which I’ll be getting into in a not-too-far-in-the-future post).  And with The Old Republic rolling around in a little over a month, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a Coreth-style character there, too-in appearance, if not in name.

  Edit (5/28/13):  You may have noticed that the faces don’t really match with this post.  Well, a couple new faces got put into the logo and I updated it-so this post is a bit of an artifact of earlier days.  So now it goes in this order:  Walter Frost, Coreth Walker, the Old Ranger, Coreth-The-Warrior, Coreth Landwalker, Far Ranger of Champions Online, and Coreth-The-Smuggler from Star Wars: The Old Republic.


2 comments on “Origins of the Faces

    • There are some things that earn the title of “neverending battle”. The struggle to defeat the evil of those garments is one of them! RATGWNIWNU Forever!!! (Now, where’d I put that flag…?)

      Glad to see people still out there who remember!

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