2015 edit:  The following was the last blog post I’d made on GuildPortal.

I’ve been rolling along on this blog, on and off, since mid-2005.  A bit over six years.  And now it’s time to say good bye.

Kind of.

Faces of the Ranger is moving to WordPress.  This decision wasn’t a light one, but one I decided was the way to go for future blogging.  For one thing, it isn’t dependent on one of my multiple GuildPortal login IDs; for another, it’s not at the mercy of GuildPortal downtimes (which usually come unannounced for extended periods).  And finally, I have a bit more control over the stuff I put on it.

Unfortunately, I can’t move all the posts I’ve done over the last six years over there; no convenient export tools exist for GP’s blogging, so the new site will just have a link back to this one to look back at the many posts of the past.  As I’ll still be keeping my account at GP rolling (I AM still keeping up with the guilds I’m a part of here), the blog should survive as long as GP does.  The key thing to stress here is:  I’m not leaving GP; only my blog is.  It’ll probably kill my page views, but that’s life for you.

I hope you’ll join me at  I’ve duplicated the latest post here over there, as my big linkage.  If not, happy gaming!


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