The Storm Abates

Just wanted to mention that the RealID on Forums issue has died a quiet death.

I’m sure they’ll redo the forums, and if they’re smart, they’ll associate it with an account that you post on rather than a character you post on (similar to, oh, most other gaming forums), and I have no issue with that.

The storm grew to close to 25k posts in their primary thread on the American forums (I didn’t count the Europe forums, as I usually don’t look at those-but they likely added a hefty chunk themselves), and caught the attention of not just the MMORPG media, but national and international media like CNN, the Washington Post, and BBC.  And I haven’t even looked at threads that sprouted on the Battlenet forums or the other Blizzard games’ forums.  There was a LOT of interest in here, and it demonstrates just how many people are a part of the World of Warcraft phenomenon-and the unity shown by the majority of those posters in saying “no” to this was truly amazing to read.

Well, the customers spoke, and Blizzard listened.  Maybe they remembered another storm of protests on a major over-arcing change a little under five years ago.  If so, then the damage done to the SWG community may not have been totally in vain after all.


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