When Evil Had Its Day

I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking about Star Trek Online-not surprising, since it is the new and shiny.  There’s a lot to learn and discover there, and I’ve had quite a bit of thoughts on it.  Plus, I’ve spent a lot of time in the game.  However, last weekend was a double-xp weekend in City of Heroes, and it was a good time to take a bit of time to participate there.

I’ve lamented in the past about the fact that I have several level 50 heroes, but only one level 50 villain.  So I made it a priority to spend the double xp weekend on being bad.  I got a few levels for General Retaliation, up to 24-would’ve been nice to pull off 26, for his last Mastermind Minion power, but it was not to be-and a few for my dual-blade wielding man-in-black, Agent Counterforce, to the tune of the early thirties.  But the big winner was Operative Rostov, my Crab Spider soldier, who made the jump from 44 to join Ebon Thunderbolt in the ranks of my level 50 villains!

As a sweet side bonus, Rostov’s semi-personal VG gained enough prestige to upgrade the base’s teleporter room to a four-pad setup, allowing access to the entire Rogue Islands and Pocket D (one future goal is to replace the Pocket D beacon with a Rikti War Zone beacon, but I need to plan for that-need to get to a Mothership raid at some point).  There was even enough prestige left over, after creative jiggling, to install an invention worktable in a small workship.  Not a bad way to wrap it up!

There’s still that big imbalance of level 50 heroes vs villains in my stable of characters; the closest now to 50 is in the early thirty range.  I think I’ll be watching for the next double-xp weekend to roll around….

STO was not neglected.  I hit Rear Admiral during the last week, and am up to the grade 3, which meant access to Borg space.  Before I make the big push there, though, I’m planning to wrap up the Cardassian space missions I’ve got outstanding, and perhaps also upgrade another phaser bank to Mk X from exploration badges.  Most of the better equipment is going on the assault cruiser-I just can’t bring myself to like the star cruiser design, although I picked up one of those as well.  These days, the priority of equipment tends to go Assault Cruiser > Star Cruiser > Cruiser.  Between those three ships, I cover the range of being able to help folks in a decent ship:  the Cruiser to help LT/LCDR/CDR ranks, the Star Cruiser for CPT, and the Assault Cruiser for ADM.  Yes, the weaponry is still better on the low end ship than most folks flying the low end ship, and yes, my comparative level makes a difference, but the amount of equipment, consoles, and Boff slots is closer to lower level players.

And of course, I still have two other free character slots to work with, to try alternative paths of advancement.  Not including the ones already occupied, one being a Klingon, and the other being a Borg captain, who I should really have someone get into the Corps at some point.


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