The Usual Year-End Slowdown

Been a while since I’ve put up a post here, and to be honest, looking back, I had the same situation this time last year.  I’m beginning to think that November/December are gonna be long-term “Gah-nothing to blog” months.  Not sure if it has to do with workload, or the spare time vanishing to deal with a number of RL details (which, in addition to trumping MMOs, also trump all sorts of other online activities).  I’m not going to pretend to understand it-I accept it, and post when I can when thoughts come to mind.

EVE just released its Dominion expansion.  While one might think it wouldn’t affect me much, being a hi-sec guy, the changes in mail and in fleet formation do require some adaption.  Zhaven had his battleship blown into space dust last week, which is annoying, but for two details.  One:  if I put in some time, getting the cash to buy the stuff needed to make a new one level-4 mission viable again isn’t hard.  Two:  EVE is still looking like the short end of the stick, seeing as it’s liable to be dropped when Star Trek Online debuts in one and a half months.  How lame-duck have I gone?  I haven’t kept nearly as close track of the training time for skills as I had a year ago.  I think I’ve definitely accepted in the back of my head that my time there is coming to a close-at least for now.  (With an MMO, there’s usually no turning back; SWG is the exception, since the entire server my character was on turned to cloud vapor.)

City of Heroes continues to maintain.  Things have been on the definite slowdown side with the Union, but Hyperion Force at least has been maintaining its weekly schedule of events.  It’s possible that the Union may move its “RP night” date and time; I suspect that will effectively end major involvement, as the date/time it’s got now is the only one I can really fit in.  Hyperion Force’s schedule is pretty heavy as is, and I’m going to need to seriously work out how I’m going to work my time, seeing as I’m going to be needing to put the time and effort into getting the Corps of Discovery off the ground.

The Corps is growing well; while not everyone is a regular poster, I see folks are at least still visiting the site.  I’m greatly hoping to meet everyone once the game launches.  Hopefully Cryptic will make the actual act of creating the Fleet painless; originally (based on Champions Online), you needed to be in a full team of five in order to create the player guild/clan/whatever.  An interview mentioned they were going to try to get it down to two, but I’m iffy on whether or not that will happen.  I never thought I’d be the one shilling for “Looking For Group to Create Fleet” or something like that, but I’m thinking that’s what’s gonna happen.  Can’t believe we’re a month before open beta; hope the preorder folks come through with the keys, because I’d really like to start becoming familiar with things.

(And break ’em.  I mean, what’s a beta for if not for testing?)

Even if they don’t though, at least then people who are in Closed will be able to spill details on things.  I think a lot of frustration on the forums comes from people just not knowing.  There’s been nothing on the Klingons, which has made some people cranky.  But thanks to NDA, there’s no way to allay those fears…if, indeed, those fears are groundless.  January will throw open those doors, and at that point, I suspect a lot of truths will become evident.

Don’t know if I’ll have another post before Christmas or New Year’s, but I’ll keep my options open.


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